Thursday, January 31, 2013


So here is a picture of our donor.  He is 6' 169lbs with blue eyes and brown wavy hair.  He is/was a student and wants to be a physician. 


He was the 4th donor we had to pick (over 2 years).  Each time I noticed I wasn't as picky.  He still meets all the criteria we were looking for, but I didn't over think each choice like I did the first time.  Actually the first time we picked our top 3 then I printed off all their info and pictures.  I then thought about it for months and got opinions from all my friends. lol This time I picked my top two (which were different from the other times because those donors weren't available) and I showed the info to G.  She picked this donor because his blood type was A+. (she didn't even look over either donor much) When I tell this story everyone thinks we needed a donor with a certain blood type but we didn't.  She just thought he was best because it was A+ like the best grade I guess. lol I def thought it was funny but I went with it and in the end it worked!!  His sperm fertilized A LOT of my eggs and we are pregnant for the first time!!  So I am very happy she picked him and glad I didn't over think it and/or stress about it!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

8 Week Pictures

I am actually 9w4ds but I am behind on blogging so here is my 8 week ultrasound picture.  Not just a blob anymore!!  This is the back of our baby with the head to the left.  You can start to see an arm bud on the top =)  Also the heartbeat was 178.

I am feeling pretty good actually.  I don't really have morning sickness.  Sometimes feel sick in the day, but if I drink ginger ale I feel better.  After this ultrasound, I was released to my OB.  My first OB appt is on Feb 5th.  It took me forever to find an OB I wanted to go to and then when I did (after lots of research online) I called my insurance to make sure they were a participating provider and they told me yes.  Well of course it couldn't be that easy it never is with doctors or insurance!!  When I called the OB to make the appt the receptionist told me they don't take my insurance.  So to make a long story short my insurance called their billing department and I am covered.  I am hoping it's true and I don't get a big bill!!  I was able to stop the estrace.  Now just continue baby aspirin and crinone till 12 weeks.  I am suppose to start backing off my Metformin at 11 weeks and stop completely at 12 but I want to stop now and wondering if it would be okay.  The last time I refiled my script for it they gave me a different generic of it and it gives me awful tummy cramps that keep me awake for hours at night.  I am not completely sure why I need to keep taking it since it was for my PCOS.  So I guess I need to talk to my doctor. 

Here is my 8 week belly picture.  Probably most of my belly is still from my OHSS because my ovaries are still 7-8 cms each.  But there it is!!

I was FINALLY able to figure out how to put those fancy tabs at the top of the page that you guys have!! lol So you can check out the short easy versions of Our TTC Journey and IVF Timeline.  I hope to soon add a tab of pictures of G and I and a tab for Bump pics.  I will get there soon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We finally got to hear and see the heartbeat!!  I spotted twice in the past week so I was so worried about the ultrasound today.  Turns out I worried for nothing (again) we got a nice heart beat of 136 =)  Its crazy how early it starts beating.  I am 6w6ds today.

There is definitely only one baby in there so the other embryo didn't implant.  We are very hopeful this is one will make it!  I am happy to be pregnant with one, but two I feel would give us better odds of delivering at least one baby.  On the plus side at least I won't have to take care of two babies at the same time.  That did scare me!! lol

I can finally stop the lovenox shots!!  Maybe my belly will finally not be black and blue.  The nurse said my ovaries are still huge, but I don't have the fluid in my abdomen.  My belly is still bigger then normal, but I am down to my weight at the beginning of the IVF.

Today I had to buy bigger underwear and pants!  I was hoping to making my clothes last longer, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

So here is our ultrasound with the heartbeat at the bottom =)