Friday, January 23, 2015

Maternity pics

We decided to do maternity pics early for G.  We wanted to make sure we got them done before she delivered and we wanted to do them before she got too uncomfortable.  They were done at 25w4ds.  Here are a few.

 Also same day we did R's 1 year pics since we were already there!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

25-27 weeks

Everything was looking better by the time G had her next appt on January 8th.  She was 25 weeks 2 days.  She had seen urology on January 6th and all her test were looking good.  Seems the IV antibiotic and daily oral antibiotics were working.  Yay!!  What a relief that was!

We were concerned about the ultrasound since it had been 3 weeks since the last one and it's recommended to get them every 2 weeks with identical twins but we can't seem to get that thru the doctors head!  But everything looked great!!  Baby A still looks to have a 2 vessel cord but he is holding strong at 58 percentile.  And Baby B was 32 percentile so they are staying pretty consistent so that's great!!

Baby A weighed 1 lb 13 ozs and had 6 to 7 cm fluid
Baby B weighed 1 lb 8 ozs and had 4 to 5 cm fluid

And G's cervix length was 3.2 cm so that's looking good as well.

The tech was able to see both bladders so another good sign no TTTS!!

So we left the ultrasound feeling great but then we saw the doctor.  He doesn't make us feel as great any longer....since we had the trouble with him ordering category D medication he doesn't treat us the same.  He treats us like we know nothing and he knows everything.  And I am sorry but I do my research so I know things!!  He acts like I am not even in the room.  Really bugs me!!  I tried to get him AGAIN to do ultrasounds everything 2 weeks like recommended and he just kept talking saying he would move it up to 4 weeks instead of 5 weeks and that he would see G in 2 but no ultrasound.  Grr makes me so mad.  But G didn't fight him on it so I let it go.  It's her body so I try not to push too much even tho I want to!! lol

Both babies heart rates are still around 160 like the have been almost the whole pregnancy.  And this time I remembered to look at the tape when he measured G's belly.  It measured 32 weeks.  My midwife used to tell me all these things and explain everything to me.  This doc does not so you just have to pay attention to catch the details.  Again drives me nuts!!

G just had her 1 hour glucose test and is meeting with the doc for her 27 week appt as I am writing this.  I didn't go this time because there was no ultrasound and the doctor just upsets me anyways.  I thought it would be best if I just went to work.  I am hoping she passes her 1 hour glucose test.  I failed mine but did pass my 3 hour.  I blame it on the twizzlers I ate before bed before my 1 hour test lol ooops

Here are some pics of the babies!  They still don't have names....we are having so much trouble!!


 4d face yawning


Saturday, January 10, 2015


So the last time I blogged we had just went for ultrasound and had an appt scheduled for December 23 with urology.  Well we went to that appt and things then got scary. I hadn't planned on going to the appt but some thing told me I needed to so R and I went with G.  We go back to room and doc asks me and R to leave because R will be a distraction.  I was not happy.  I figured he just thought I was G's friend with a kid not her wife and child so that's why he kicked us out.  Well we were in waiting room for 30 mins and I start to get worried.  Thinking "wow he must have kicked us out because this is serious" well it was.  Finally the doc came and got me and told me the ultrasound showed both G's kidneys were blocked and this would most likely mean surgery but he wanted and MRI to be sure.  He said anything we do right now could cause preterm labor so he wanted to be sure of a course of treatment. G was 23 weeks pregnant that day so she can't deliver.

So I am freaking out and wishing I had taken R to my parents house.  The appt was at 8 am so I didn't want to have to take him there at 6am so that's why I hadn't.  I call my dad and tell him what's going on and that he might have to come get Rayden but I will keep him updated.  I am trying really hard not to cry at this time.  I go back in to the office and we are told G's insurance has denied the MRI but they are trying to fight it.  Great!  Omg now what?  We talk and decide if we have to pay for it we will find a way but doc says to go for bloodwork and come back and they will let us know what the plan is.  We do and still no progress when we get back.  Doc says go home and they will work on insurance.  They think it can wait a little bit because G is still able to function eventho she's in pain.

5:30 that night the insurance finally gives approval for MRI.  And G calls first thing next morning to get it scheduled.  She gets MRI scheduled for 11:15 and I call my Dad to come get R since I didn't have time to take him there and get back.  My parent's house is in opposite direction of hospital.

As we are waiting for MRI we are thinking since it's Christmas Eve we probably won't get results today but when MRI was over the doctor met G outside room.  He said they are saying they don't have someone to read MRI till 4 but that's not good enough so he is going to make them read it ASAP.  He took us to get bloodwork and said he would be back.  He came back when G was getting bloodwork and told me he wanted us to go to infusion for G to get IV antibiotics for the next 7 days but to go eat lunch first.  We stop at infusion to find out how long we need to waste at lunch to decide if we eat there or out.  It turns out not to be too long so we go to cafe.  Doctor shows up there and says he saw MRI results and right kidney is blocked but left isn't as bad as they thought so no surgery!  Yay we were so relieved.  He just wants her to come to hospital every day for the infusion instead of being admitted and then oral antibiotics after that.  It was the best news we could have gotten.

G went for infusions every day even Christmas day but it could have been much worse.  She started feeling better right away.  Hoping we don't have that scare again!