Monday, December 22, 2014

22 weeks

We had another ultrasound Dec 18th.  Everything is basically the same which is good news.  They are still measuring about a week apart and Baby A still has more fluid but it's not any worse then before and they are still both within normal limits.

Baby A is 51 percentile weighing 1lb 2ozs and has 5 cm fluid.  His cord is at edge of placenta and he has a 2 vessel cord.

Baby B is 27 percentile weighing 15ozs and has 3 cm fluid.  His cord is in center and has a 3 vessel cord.

G's cervix is 4 cms.

If you remember from last blog we thought B had the 2 vessel cord but we remembered wrong.  We think last time A was 50 percentile and B was 30 percentile so still pretty close to the same.  We are glad things are holding steady.  We go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound.  It woulda been 2 weeks but the doc is away for 2 weeks for the holiday.

So G has her 4th bladder infection so Sunday she had to go for ultrasound on kidneys and bladder and tomorrow we go see the urologist.  She is still in a lot of pain so hopefully we get some answers.

Yesterday I felt one of the babies for the first time! Yay!

Wish I had pics to show you but the last appt was just focused on seeing how the babies were doing and we didn't get any good pics.  Hopefully next time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Boys or Girls??

Well we had our 19 week ultrasound (she was actually 18w6ds) and with in the first few minutes we were able to see they were BOYS!!  So we will have 3 boys under 2 soon!! Ekk!!  We were really hoping for girls and had their names all picked out but we are happy either way.  I am starting to get used to it and I have always said I would rather have all boys then all girls! lol

So the only problem with having boys is we CAN NOT come up with names we can agree on.  We like unusual names so if you have any suggestions please let me know!!

So Baby A measured 19w1d and Baby B measured 18w1d so Baby B is smaller so that can be concerning.  Also Baby B might have a 2 vessel cord instead of 3 vessel.  So we are worried for our boys right now!!  We go back on Dec 18th to check on them.  I won't even go into the possible problems because we do not want to think that right now!!

Also G has yet another bladder infection!!  She got it the morning of the appt which is perfect timing but not good still.  The doctor said he was sending her urine for testing but was going to put her on an antibiotic called Bractrim.  We thought nothing of it....thought for sure it has to be safe.  Well we were wrong!!  The script was sent to our pharmacy where my friend is the pharmacist and she called me right away and told me it was a Category D and they had someone with a very bad experience with it but couldn't tell me anymore then that.  I could tell from her voice it was really bad.  So I called the nurse right away and she argued with me.  Telling me "that it is NOT a category D it is a C and that this is what the doc wants so G has to take it"  G was very upset but in a lot of pain.  She didn't want to take it but didn't want the pain any longer.  We had some heated discussions on the way home since we were both so frustrated.  We got to the pharmacy and G decided to call the doctors office.  She got a different nurse who seemed very concerned then the doctor called her back.  He at first seemed very upset we were questioning his decision and kept saying it was a category C.  G had to what I call get "mean" but she says she wasn't.  And she told him she had looked online and talked to the pharmacist and it was D.  He argued for a bit but then finally looked it up and started to change his tune and prescribed Keflex.  Now G wanted to do what was best for the babies and it seemed to be the doc and nurse were implying she wasn't.  She told the doctor many times if the urine test results came back that it was bacteria that could only be treated with Bractrim then she would take it but till then she wanted to take something that was safe.  She did not want to put them at risk for no reason.  The test results came back a few days later and we were right she didn't need that dangerous med!!  So we are so glad we pushed!!

And on a happier note here are their pics....