Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tests continued...

Okay so now I am finally going to finish up what I wrote in the last post that got deleted.  So we later found out that her first number was really 261 not 216 like she was told.  G was looking around at her test results online and found out.  Soooo that means since the 2nd number was only 479 it didn't double.  I am not too concerned because the double time is still 57 hours which is well before 72 since they want it to double in 48 to 72 hours.  I just think that means there is only 1 baby.  Which I am okay with.  G probably not.  But I know she will be happy either way!  I also talked to the nurse about the crinone because it was causing irritation so she called in a script for endometrium plus said G could cut back on the crinone for now and didn't have to take full dose of endometrium since her Progesterone levels were so high.

The other thing I talked to the nurse about is an ultrasound.  They want her to have one but they don't take her insurance.  Won't even run it outta network (which upsets me).  So we don't want to do her care up there anymore now that she is pregnant and insurance will cover her appts.  It is too far to drive and will cost too much.  I asked if we could be seen at my midwife's office.  She said that would be fine but they won't see her till she is 6 weeks.  That is their policy.  Well that is fine with us.  You don't see much at 5 weeks anyways.  She gives us a requisition for the ultrasound and I go to schedule that and of course it's not that easy.  They won't let G schedule an ultrasound till she sees my midwife, Wendi.  So I schedule the appt for Aug 27th and they tell me that if Wendi orders the ultrasound that day they should be able to squeeze us in for an ultrasound the same day.  So we have our fingers crossed!!

The other thing the nurse told me Friday was that G's TSH number is rising so they want to watch it.  So she needed retested Monday which would have been Aug 18th.  The TSH number Thursday was 4.85.  So Monday she goes for her retest and of course no one calls her back so Tuesday afternoon when we still hadn't heard anything I call.  The nurse said "oh I left a message with G her level came back at 5.21 so we want her to continue her med"....I was like "wait what?"  1st you didn't call G i just talked to her and she hadn't heard from you and 2nd she isn't on medication.  The nurse says "well Chris decided Friday she wanted G to start meds for thyroid so she called them in"  I was like "umm no I went to the pharmacy Friday to get the script you called in and there was't anything else"  and I knew there wasn't my friend is the pharmacist so she would make sure to tell me.  So she looks at the notes on file and says.  Chris tried to call G and couldn't get ahold of her so didn't know what pharmacy to send it to so didn't.  Ummm now I am getting upset.  1 she didn't call G's phone 2 they sent in a script that same day so they knew where to send it and 3 isn't this kind of important so they should try to keep calling G or maybe call me?????  So I find out they have been calling the home phone (which we really don't use) even tho our cell phones are suppose to be primary contact.  I check the messages on that phone from Friday and this Chris person said "this is your doctor office please call us back" that is it no name or reason.  Doesn't sound too serious does it?  Well it is this could be life or death for our baby!!  I can't believe this!!!  So anyways she finally calls in the med and G runs right over to get it to start it.  We are hoping our baby is okay.

So I am pretty upset with our fertility clinic.  The care since I was there is awful.  You are just a number and they make lots of mistakes because they see so many people.  It is really sad.   Nothing seems to be going that smoothly this time but it is okay as long as we deliver a healthy baby around April 21st.  Which will be the due date!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well G went for her pregnancy test on Tuesday.  The paperwork said they would call with results after 2:30 but sometimes they post them online first so I kept checking it.  G refused to pee on a stick so I had no idea what the test results would be besides all the pregnancy symptoms she had which could be explained away as side effects from the progesterone and estrace.  2:30 came around and still nothing so I told G she could call but she decided to wait.  4:30 came and she decided to call but it was too late they has already closed.  I was so upset I didn't want to wait!

The next morning she called and was told the HCG was 216 so she is pregnant but didn't give her progesterone numbers. As I mentioned in the last blog the doctor was pushing G to use PIO.  We decided not to so we really wanted the numbers.  She called many times that day and the next and still didn't get those numbers.  They kept telling her they didn't fax the results yet.  All they needed to do was call the lab to get them and it seems  they were too lazy.  I finally sent a message to the woman that takes care of a the public media stuff for the fertility clinic and I got a call from a nurse that was working eventho the office was closed.  She actually called the lab and found out they made a mistake and never ran the progesterone  eventho the paperwork said to.  I was so thankful she finally found out but so mad those other nurses didn't.  I guess G must be too nice on the phone.

After that the fertility clinic nurses have been calling me.  They might be scared of me now lol Friday morning they called with the 2nd blood work results.  HCG was 479 and progesterone was 97.  So we  found out we made right decision not to use the PIO. 

So I just went to post this (which was much longer) and now this is all that's left.  I am not sure what happened but it deleted half the post.  I am too mad to re write it so I am sorry hopefully I can soon.  For now least I was able to tell you she is pregnant.  Our week has been crazy so I wish it woulda saved!  

Friday, August 1, 2014

We have a fighter

So today was G's 3dt.  We got there and they took us into the transfer room and did her acupuncture.  Then we waited a very long time for the transfer.  It was over an hour.  Guess they were really busy.  It was killing us still not knowing anything about our embryos.

Finally our doctor comes in and shows us a picture of all 6 of the embryos.  Only 1 wasn't doing anything.  He counted 5 yes 5 good looking embryos.  If you didn't read my last blog.  We only had 4 fertilized on day 1.  So that means we have a fighter that decided it wasn't going to die off like they thought.  We were so happy.

I'm sure I've said his before but our RE is 2 hours away.  Well next thing the doc says to us is that we can do a day 6 transfer since they were doing so well.  That would have been great info before we got there but then it wasn't.  So we decided to do it today. The doctor said he would transfer 2 and freeze 3.  We were so happy.  We wanted to transfer 2 and freeze 2 so it was even better then we hoped for.

Here are all our embryos

As you can see the 6th one isn't doing anything but the others are. 

 Now here are just the 2 we transferred  

These 2 were graded 4-9cell and 3-8cell.  The scale is 1-4 with 4 the best and day 3 normally have 6 to 10 cells.  The 3 we froze their grades were 3-8cell, 3-8cell and 2-6cell.  So we are feeling pretty good about the grades.  I know it's not a day 5 transfer like we hoped for before retrieval but since we couldn't have one since they are closed Sundays we are happy with this.  It is going to work!  I know lots of people who had success with 3 day transfers.  

After transfer our doctor pushed us to have G start PIO as well as the crinone she's already doing.  We were trying to avoid that because of the horrible stories we've heard and I didn't use it and we had our son.  There isn't a specific reason he wants us to use it.  It is just because it is now his current protocol.  He now seems to try anything and everything.  Well we have no reason to believe she will have a progesterone problem so G is still undecided.  And I don't know if I can actually give her the shots.  I never did any of my shots she did them all and she does her own.  She doesn't think she can do her own PIO.  So I wait and see if I will have to. Scares the crap outta me lol 

After that she had her acupuncture and we were finally able to leave that transfer room.  We were in there for 3 hours!  

So now she's PUPO with twins and we wait!