Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well G went for her pregnancy test on Tuesday.  The paperwork said they would call with results after 2:30 but sometimes they post them online first so I kept checking it.  G refused to pee on a stick so I had no idea what the test results would be besides all the pregnancy symptoms she had which could be explained away as side effects from the progesterone and estrace.  2:30 came around and still nothing so I told G she could call but she decided to wait.  4:30 came and she decided to call but it was too late they has already closed.  I was so upset I didn't want to wait!

The next morning she called and was told the HCG was 216 so she is pregnant but didn't give her progesterone numbers. As I mentioned in the last blog the doctor was pushing G to use PIO.  We decided not to so we really wanted the numbers.  She called many times that day and the next and still didn't get those numbers.  They kept telling her they didn't fax the results yet.  All they needed to do was call the lab to get them and it seems  they were too lazy.  I finally sent a message to the woman that takes care of a the public media stuff for the fertility clinic and I got a call from a nurse that was working eventho the office was closed.  She actually called the lab and found out they made a mistake and never ran the progesterone  eventho the paperwork said to.  I was so thankful she finally found out but so mad those other nurses didn't.  I guess G must be too nice on the phone.

After that the fertility clinic nurses have been calling me.  They might be scared of me now lol Friday morning they called with the 2nd blood work results.  HCG was 479 and progesterone was 97.  So we  found out we made right decision not to use the PIO. 

So I just went to post this (which was much longer) and now this is all that's left.  I am not sure what happened but it deleted half the post.  I am too mad to re write it so I am sorry hopefully I can soon.  For now least I was able to tell you she is pregnant.  Our week has been crazy so I wish it woulda saved!  

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  1. Woah!!!! Congrats! That is an awesome beta number-maybe twins will be in your future after all!