Friday, August 1, 2014

We have a fighter

So today was G's 3dt.  We got there and they took us into the transfer room and did her acupuncture.  Then we waited a very long time for the transfer.  It was over an hour.  Guess they were really busy.  It was killing us still not knowing anything about our embryos.

Finally our doctor comes in and shows us a picture of all 6 of the embryos.  Only 1 wasn't doing anything.  He counted 5 yes 5 good looking embryos.  If you didn't read my last blog.  We only had 4 fertilized on day 1.  So that means we have a fighter that decided it wasn't going to die off like they thought.  We were so happy.

I'm sure I've said his before but our RE is 2 hours away.  Well next thing the doc says to us is that we can do a day 6 transfer since they were doing so well.  That would have been great info before we got there but then it wasn't.  So we decided to do it today. The doctor said he would transfer 2 and freeze 3.  We were so happy.  We wanted to transfer 2 and freeze 2 so it was even better then we hoped for.

Here are all our embryos

As you can see the 6th one isn't doing anything but the others are. 

 Now here are just the 2 we transferred  

These 2 were graded 4-9cell and 3-8cell.  The scale is 1-4 with 4 the best and day 3 normally have 6 to 10 cells.  The 3 we froze their grades were 3-8cell, 3-8cell and 2-6cell.  So we are feeling pretty good about the grades.  I know it's not a day 5 transfer like we hoped for before retrieval but since we couldn't have one since they are closed Sundays we are happy with this.  It is going to work!  I know lots of people who had success with 3 day transfers.  

After transfer our doctor pushed us to have G start PIO as well as the crinone she's already doing.  We were trying to avoid that because of the horrible stories we've heard and I didn't use it and we had our son.  There isn't a specific reason he wants us to use it.  It is just because it is now his current protocol.  He now seems to try anything and everything.  Well we have no reason to believe she will have a progesterone problem so G is still undecided.  And I don't know if I can actually give her the shots.  I never did any of my shots she did them all and she does her own.  She doesn't think she can do her own PIO.  So I wait and see if I will have to. Scares the crap outta me lol 

After that she had her acupuncture and we were finally able to leave that transfer room.  We were in there for 3 hours!  

So now she's PUPO with twins and we wait!  


  1. Holy moly!
    This is great! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Yay for PUPO! Congrats. Sending sticky thoughts for your two embies.