Our TTC Journey

Sept 2010 talk to my doc and get referral to fertility doctor

Nov 2010 G and I go see Dr. G.  She gave us info on sperm banks and IUIs.

Dec 2010 have HSG all clear

March 2011 1st IUI 50mg clomid 1 follicle 1 cyst BFN

April 2011 meet with Dr. G to discuss whats next

May 2011 2nd IUI 100mg clomid BFN

June 2011 3rd IUI 100mg clomid BFN

Sept 2011 Meet with new doc Dr R.  Diagnosed with PCOS and start 1500mg Metformin and birthcontrol.  Also believed I had polyps and endometriosis.

Dec 2011 have surgery to remove polyps and endometriosis

Jan 2012 4th IUI femera BFN

Oct 9, 2012 meet with Dr. R again to discuss other options besides IUIs decide to try IVM

Oct 22, 2012 IVM canceled by us because we were told it would cost 8000 total and when I called to make appts they told me it would be more then 13,000.  I was upset we were lied to so decided to change docs again. 
Nov 2012 phone consult with CNY Fertility to start IVF process.

Dec 2012 IVF BFP!!!!!!!

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