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OMG it has been forever since I have updated this blog!!  Having twins and 3 boys total keeps me too busy to have time to blog!  But I need to update you and keep this updated so I can look back.  It is so nice to be able to look back at this and get the info because Mommy Brain makes me forget details!!  lol

Anyways the twins are now 20 months old!!  so it has been 20 months since I have updated!!  Ekkk that's bad.  They are big now!!  They were exclusively breastfed and still going strong!  We were successful!  That was one thing we were concerned about but G had a big enough supply and we never had to supplement with formula.  We just used some of my stored milk some when we were working.  Pumping enough while she was working was hard but we were lucky to have my stored milk! And just like R idk when they will stop breastfeeding!  Our boys are what we call boobie monsters lol

 Below I will update the heights and weights for the twins:

It goes Weight, Height, and Head I don't have Height and Head for all of them.

Baby A

Birth:  5lb 13oz (7%)   18.8in (20%) 13in (10%)
2 days:  5lb 7oz  (4% ) 18.8in  (16%)  13in (8%)
6 days:  5lb 7oz  (2%)  19.2in (19%)  13in (6%)
14 days 5lb 10oz  (1.5%)
1 month 2 days:  6lbs  11oz (1.4%)  19.9in  (4%)  14in (7%)
2 month 1 day:  9lb 10oz  (9%)  21.2in  (3%)  15.1in (16%)
4 month 3 days:  14lb 11oz  (44%)  2ft .3in  (25%)  16.5in (39%)
6 month 5 days:  18lb 2oz  (60%)  2ft 3.1in (72%)  17.5in (68%)
12 month 19 days:  23lb 4oz  (52%)  2ft 6in (49%)  19in (91%)
17 months 13 days:  25lb 12oz  (52%)  2ft 8.5in (64%)  19.5in (92%)

Baby G
Birth:  4lb 14oz (1.9%)   18.5in (13%) 12.5in (4%)
2 days:  4lb 9 oz  (1% ) 18.5in  (10%)  12.5in (3%)
6 days:  4lb 9oz  (.7%)  18.8in (10%)  12.5in (2%)
14 days 4lb 15oz  (.5%)
1 month 2 days:  6lbs  (.4%)  19.4in  (1%)  13.9in (6%)
2 month 1 day:  8lb 13oz  (3%)  20.8in  (.9%)  14.8in (8%)
4 month 3 days:  13lb 11oz  (24%)  23.8in  (11%)  16.2in (21%)
6 month 5 days:  16lb 12oz  (33%)  2ft 2.2in (39%)  17.1in (40%)
8 month 29 days:  19lb 2oz  (28%)  2ft 3.5in (26%)  17.9in (56%)
17 months 13 days:  24lb 8oz  (34%)  2ft 7.5in (33%)  19in (67%)

and here is Rs so you can compare and so I can have it all in one spot lol

Birth:  7lbs 11ozs (47%), 21in (90%), 13.8in (35%)
1 month: 11lbs (68%), 22in (52%)
2 months:  14lbs (84%), 23.5in (55%), 17in (97%)
4 months:  16lbs (79%)
5 months:  17lbs 7ozs (79%), 2ft 3in (92%), 17.6in (92%)
6 months:  19lbs 3ozs (83%)
7 months: 19lbs 8ozs (71%), 2ft 4.5in (92%), 18in (88%)
8 months:  21lbs 2ozs (72%)
9 months:  21lbs 8ozs (66%), 2ft 5.5in (86%), 18.6in (93%)
12 months: 25lbs (76%), 2ft 8.5in (98%), 19in (91%)
15 months: 25lbs 12ozs (66%), 2ft 9.4in (96%), 19.3in (90%)
18 months:  28lbs 8ozs (81%), 2ft 10.3in (93%), 19.5in (90%)
26 months:  31lbs (77%), 3ft 2in (98.9%), 19.6in (73%)
36 months:  36lb 8ozs (88%), 3ft 4.5in (97%)

You can see the twins have stayed about 1lb apart and Rayden is bigger then them.  But they are catching up.  They were very small percentages for awhile but are average size boys now =)

R did end up needing speech from Early Intervention and had that till he was 3 and aged out.  Then we could have had him evaluated by Blast but decided not to because we had heard bad things about them and we didn't feel he needed it anymore.  He was starting to talk by the time he was 3 and now he can say everything so we made the right decision.  He is still hard to understand sometimes but I believe it will get clearer with time!

The twins also got evaluated for Early Intervention at 18 months just like R.  They really didn't have any words by 18 months.  They only had sounds.  They scored almost identical to R.  So they now have someone who sees them once a week just like R.  Same teacher too!  They have been doing that a couple months now and are saying a few words and can use some sign language.  We think we just have stubborn boys who don't like to talk!

Twins have been walking since about 14 months.  Have been eating table food since around 9 months  and they have all of their teeth now.

Here are some photos of all the boys and hopefully it doesn't take me another 20 months to update the blog!

Infant Pics April 2015

Mommy G in black holding Baby G and me Mommy A in blue holding Baby A

Christmas Pics Dec 2015
Mommy A holding Baby G, R and Mommy G holding Baby A

Real life pic lol It was not easy getting pics!! R, A and G
Baby G and Baby A
G, A, and R

37 weeks in 37 weeks out A is smiling
Easter Pics March 2016
A in Red G in Grey cousin Bella in middle

A and G



1st Birthday April 2016
Mommy A, G, Mommy G and A

Christmas Pics Dec 2016
A, R and G

A, R and G

A, R and G

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