Saturday, September 13, 2014

Big Surprise

When I last posted about G's pregnancy we were waiting till Aug 27 to see my midwife and hope she would request a ultrasound.  Also we were sure there was only going to be one baby based on the HCG numbers.  When we got there everyone was confused why we were there and why they didn't schedule us an ultrasound.  I explained as best I could and they acted like whoever I talked to on the phone made a mistake. I'm not surprised that is how this pregnancy is going.  Wendi our midwife was so happy to see us and was glad she would get to delivers G's baby.  She did request an ultrasound right away without a problem and said we would talk more after.   We go in and they put all her info into the machine.  We had to figure out "date of last period" based on day of retrieval since we did IVF the day isn't real.  Anyways she started ultrasound and saw one sac with a heart beat.  That is what we expected to see.  Of course we were so happy.  She asked us how many embryos we transferred and as I'm answering she says "wait did you see that?"  I start think oh no she found the other embryo.  (Which of course isn't bad but I was just hoping for one healthy baby because two will be lots of work).  She points at a second white dot with a heartbeat in that sac.  I start saying "OMG it's twins" a few times lol then "oh no what will my parents say"  ( they really only wanted us to transfer 1).  G is so happy because she wanted twins.  Then all of a sudden I say "wait they are in same sac doesn't that mean they are identical twins?" She answers yes and starts saying stuff about mono and di but I tune it out because I keep saying "omg" lol Then tell her to look for the other embryo because it could be triplets now.  She looks and thankfully doesn't find a third.  Thank god because then we would have some decisions to make.  3 would be very risky.   I was in shock big time tho.  I never thought it would be twins and never even considered identical twins.  So G almost got her wish.  She wanted twins one boy one girl but they will be two boy or two girls.  She printed our pics.  See one below then we went to see Wendi again.  We waited awhile because she got paged a few times.  She comes in and tells us what we didn't want to hear that she doesn't deliver twins so we have to see a doctor.  We are very sad about this.  She did say she would see G till she was discharged from our RE tho.  She got paged again so she said she would schedule G for the following week and do all her paperwork then.  She told us a few things about the docs and told us to research before we decide which one.  We left there happy, sad and in shock.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1st Birthday

I can't believe R is 1 year old now.  Wow time has flown.  He is walking all over.  Actually running now.  He had a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party.  I reserved a pavilion in town near the park and invited our family and requested they just come celebrate and not bring gifts.  R doesn't need a bunch of toys and he doesn't even care to open presents now.  I never expected many people to come.  I thought maybe 20 people.  Well over 50 people came.  We ran out of food in the end.  I was shocked.  A few people did bring presents but most listened so R only had to open a few.  And my house isn't filled with toys he won't play with!! =)

I will add some pictures below.  I do not have many because my camera wasn't working right till after the cake.  Yes this did upset me and yes I did cry.  I really feel bad I don't have pictures of most of his party.  =(