Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1st Birthday

I can't believe R is 1 year old now.  Wow time has flown.  He is walking all over.  Actually running now.  He had a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party.  I reserved a pavilion in town near the park and invited our family and requested they just come celebrate and not bring gifts.  R doesn't need a bunch of toys and he doesn't even care to open presents now.  I never expected many people to come.  I thought maybe 20 people.  Well over 50 people came.  We ran out of food in the end.  I was shocked.  A few people did bring presents but most listened so R only had to open a few.  And my house isn't filled with toys he won't play with!! =)

I will add some pictures below.  I do not have many because my camera wasn't working right till after the cake.  Yes this did upset me and yes I did cry.  I really feel bad I don't have pictures of most of his party.  =(

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