Monday, December 22, 2014

22 weeks

We had another ultrasound Dec 18th.  Everything is basically the same which is good news.  They are still measuring about a week apart and Baby A still has more fluid but it's not any worse then before and they are still both within normal limits.

Baby A is 51 percentile weighing 1lb 2ozs and has 5 cm fluid.  His cord is at edge of placenta and he has a 2 vessel cord.

Baby B is 27 percentile weighing 15ozs and has 3 cm fluid.  His cord is in center and has a 3 vessel cord.

G's cervix is 4 cms.

If you remember from last blog we thought B had the 2 vessel cord but we remembered wrong.  We think last time A was 50 percentile and B was 30 percentile so still pretty close to the same.  We are glad things are holding steady.  We go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound.  It woulda been 2 weeks but the doc is away for 2 weeks for the holiday.

So G has her 4th bladder infection so Sunday she had to go for ultrasound on kidneys and bladder and tomorrow we go see the urologist.  She is still in a lot of pain so hopefully we get some answers.

Yesterday I felt one of the babies for the first time! Yay!

Wish I had pics to show you but the last appt was just focused on seeing how the babies were doing and we didn't get any good pics.  Hopefully next time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Boys or Girls??

Well we had our 19 week ultrasound (she was actually 18w6ds) and with in the first few minutes we were able to see they were BOYS!!  So we will have 3 boys under 2 soon!! Ekk!!  We were really hoping for girls and had their names all picked out but we are happy either way.  I am starting to get used to it and I have always said I would rather have all boys then all girls! lol

So the only problem with having boys is we CAN NOT come up with names we can agree on.  We like unusual names so if you have any suggestions please let me know!!

So Baby A measured 19w1d and Baby B measured 18w1d so Baby B is smaller so that can be concerning.  Also Baby B might have a 2 vessel cord instead of 3 vessel.  So we are worried for our boys right now!!  We go back on Dec 18th to check on them.  I won't even go into the possible problems because we do not want to think that right now!!

Also G has yet another bladder infection!!  She got it the morning of the appt which is perfect timing but not good still.  The doctor said he was sending her urine for testing but was going to put her on an antibiotic called Bractrim.  We thought nothing of it....thought for sure it has to be safe.  Well we were wrong!!  The script was sent to our pharmacy where my friend is the pharmacist and she called me right away and told me it was a Category D and they had someone with a very bad experience with it but couldn't tell me anymore then that.  I could tell from her voice it was really bad.  So I called the nurse right away and she argued with me.  Telling me "that it is NOT a category D it is a C and that this is what the doc wants so G has to take it"  G was very upset but in a lot of pain.  She didn't want to take it but didn't want the pain any longer.  We had some heated discussions on the way home since we were both so frustrated.  We got to the pharmacy and G decided to call the doctors office.  She got a different nurse who seemed very concerned then the doctor called her back.  He at first seemed very upset we were questioning his decision and kept saying it was a category C.  G had to what I call get "mean" but she says she wasn't.  And she told him she had looked online and talked to the pharmacist and it was D.  He argued for a bit but then finally looked it up and started to change his tune and prescribed Keflex.  Now G wanted to do what was best for the babies and it seemed to be the doc and nurse were implying she wasn't.  She told the doctor many times if the urine test results came back that it was bacteria that could only be treated with Bractrim then she would take it but till then she wanted to take something that was safe.  She did not want to put them at risk for no reason.  The test results came back a few days later and we were right she didn't need that dangerous med!!  So we are so glad we pushed!!

And on a happier note here are their pics....

Friday, November 21, 2014

18 weeks

G is now 18 weeks pregnant with mono/di twins (identical).  She can now feel them.  She has been feeling movement for a few weeks but felt them from outside last night.  I didn't get to feel it tho because I was holding sleeping R and couldn't get up.  I hope to feel it soon tho!

G's appointment Nov 10th went well. I wasn't there I was at work but G and her mom went.  They listened to babies heart rates and they were in the 160s.  They scheduled the next appt which would be the big Ultrasound appt for Dec 4th.  We really thought it would be earlier since he kept saying 18 weeks and we really want to know what they are.  So the next day I made a phone call and was able to get it moved up till Nov 24th.  That is only a few days away now!!  We can't wait to know if we are having 2 boys or 2 girls!!

Last weekend Nov 15th when G was 17w4ds she got another bladder infection.  This is now the 2nd one already.  They called her in antibiotics and she is doing better now but we are hoping she doesn't keep getting them!

R is doing well.  He is baby talking up a storm lately.  He will be 15 months on Monday.  Here are some pics of him!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Scare

First we had our next appt with the Dr. Oct 13th.  It was an quick an easy appt once we finally saw the doctor.  Listened to the heartbeats and basically that was it.  We scheduled the next appt for a month and were on our way.  Well the next evening G started bleeding.  She was 13 weeks.  I have been there I know how awful it feels but I also know that it's not always terrible.  I bled a few times with R and he is fine.  I had placenta previa so I figured that was it.  My bleeding started around the same time. I was able to stay calm but G of course was very scared and I called the doc.  Thank god I was the one that called!!  It was the on call doctor and she basically told me she thought G was loosing one of the babies but to not go to ER to just wait and come in and see our doctor the next day.  I told G that she said it happens a lot and not to panic that we would see doctor the next morning.

We went in Oct 15th to see Dr. Farrell.  I asked him if the bleeding could be the same as mine since it was around same time and he told me he doubted it.  He said "bleeding doesn't happen often and shouldn't happen.  Even tho its the same time as yours doesn't mean its the same thing."  This scared me because that is not what I was told and why couldn't it be the same thing??  I might have been upset.  Anyways they did an ultrasound 13w1d and everything was fine.  Babies looked great and were moving all around.  Looks like she had low lying placenta like I thought!!!  Doctor came in and told us that and acted like I had never even mentioned it.  I wanted to say "I told you so" but I was just so happy everything was okay that I didn't.  He told her to take it easy and rest for the next 2 weeks.  That led us to our next problem.  We had vacation scheduled and we were leaving for Florida on Saturday that same week.  He would tell us if we should or shouldn't go so we just decided to wait and see if the bleeding stopped. G had the next 3 days off work before we were leaving so she was just going to rest all that time.

Luckily the bleeding stopped the next day and we did go on vacation.  We relaxed most of time but did get to take R to Magic Kingdom one day plus we were able to do a few other fun things.

G's next appt is later today Nov 10th and she is 16w6ds and she has had no more bleeding!!  Finally got this blog back up to date lol but I am sure that won't last long.  Isn't as easy to blog with a toddler!!

Here are a few pictures from our vacation

New Doctor

So Sept 17th was our first meeting with the new doctor we had to pick since we were having twins and our midwife won't deliver twins.  At first it didn't seem to be going well because we waited a very long time to see him and the nurse wasn't very nice or helpful.  I asked her some questions about G's medical records being transferred and she automatically said "no" without even looking.  So I then asked how long it takes them to get them into their patients file (because I knew they were already faxed there I had contacted the REs office to double check) and she said "right away" which shocked me because our OBs office still uses paper files.  So I then told her they were already faxed so they must have them somewhere.  She acted irritated but finally looked into the file and found them.  Ugh!!  So right away we were like oh no we made the wrong decision!!

But Dr. Farrell came in and we loved him right away.  He was so nice and friendly and sat down and talked with us not at us.  He tried to hear the heartbeats with the doppler but couldn't which didn't concern us since G was only 9w1d.  Dr. Farrell I think was concerned tho and wanted to make sure everything was okay and ordered another ultrasound.  We weren't going to argue with seeing the babies again!! Below you can see our little beans!! Both had strong heartbeats.  I think they were both 170.

After we saw the babies again they took us to Dr. Farrells office to speak with him which I thought was nice.  He had pictures of his 4 girls in there.  Yes he has 4 girls!!  He answered all our questions and said he would do the delivery as natural as possible.  That was our big concern with switching to a doctor,  He said as long as Baby A is head down he will do a vaginal delivery.  He will let her go to 38 weeks before talking induction.  And he won't "make" her get an epidural but might suggest one if baby B isn't head down because turning that baby could hurt.  He said he would never "make" us do anything so it was great to hear.  We are very happy with our decision.  

Another thing we did learn was that it is VERY hard to go to the OBs office with a toddler lol Rayden was with us and he wanted to get into everything and he didn't like all the waiting.  Guess we need to get used to this!!  

Ultrasound #2

G's next ultrasound was scheduled for Sept 3rd.  We still hadn't picked a doctor but Wendi said she would still see her.  G went to the appt without me since I had to work.  They again saw both babies and they believed they were in their own amniotic sac.  Which is great.  Identical twins can be more risky but monochorionic, monoamniotic or monomono can be even riskier.  We are hoping they are are each in their own sac and have their own placenta (dichorionic).  But most identical twins are monochorionic-diamniotic or monodi.  We have to wait to know for sure.  Below is the ultrasound picture.  You can't see it in the picture but they think they have a membrane separating them.  The babies were 7w1d but measuring a little smaller.  No one seemed concerned they just thought it was because 2 different techs did the ultrasounds.

After the Ultrasound G met with Wendi and they discussed which doctor we should pick.  They ended up deciding on Dr. Farrell.  Wendi thought he was the best fit for us and G made an appt with him for Sept 17th.  G was very sad to be leaving Wendi  We were really looking forward to going to her again!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Big Surprise

When I last posted about G's pregnancy we were waiting till Aug 27 to see my midwife and hope she would request a ultrasound.  Also we were sure there was only going to be one baby based on the HCG numbers.  When we got there everyone was confused why we were there and why they didn't schedule us an ultrasound.  I explained as best I could and they acted like whoever I talked to on the phone made a mistake. I'm not surprised that is how this pregnancy is going.  Wendi our midwife was so happy to see us and was glad she would get to delivers G's baby.  She did request an ultrasound right away without a problem and said we would talk more after.   We go in and they put all her info into the machine.  We had to figure out "date of last period" based on day of retrieval since we did IVF the day isn't real.  Anyways she started ultrasound and saw one sac with a heart beat.  That is what we expected to see.  Of course we were so happy.  She asked us how many embryos we transferred and as I'm answering she says "wait did you see that?"  I start think oh no she found the other embryo.  (Which of course isn't bad but I was just hoping for one healthy baby because two will be lots of work).  She points at a second white dot with a heartbeat in that sac.  I start saying "OMG it's twins" a few times lol then "oh no what will my parents say"  ( they really only wanted us to transfer 1).  G is so happy because she wanted twins.  Then all of a sudden I say "wait they are in same sac doesn't that mean they are identical twins?" She answers yes and starts saying stuff about mono and di but I tune it out because I keep saying "omg" lol Then tell her to look for the other embryo because it could be triplets now.  She looks and thankfully doesn't find a third.  Thank god because then we would have some decisions to make.  3 would be very risky.   I was in shock big time tho.  I never thought it would be twins and never even considered identical twins.  So G almost got her wish.  She wanted twins one boy one girl but they will be two boy or two girls.  She printed our pics.  See one below then we went to see Wendi again.  We waited awhile because she got paged a few times.  She comes in and tells us what we didn't want to hear that she doesn't deliver twins so we have to see a doctor.  We are very sad about this.  She did say she would see G till she was discharged from our RE tho.  She got paged again so she said she would schedule G for the following week and do all her paperwork then.  She told us a few things about the docs and told us to research before we decide which one.  We left there happy, sad and in shock.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1st Birthday

I can't believe R is 1 year old now.  Wow time has flown.  He is walking all over.  Actually running now.  He had a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party.  I reserved a pavilion in town near the park and invited our family and requested they just come celebrate and not bring gifts.  R doesn't need a bunch of toys and he doesn't even care to open presents now.  I never expected many people to come.  I thought maybe 20 people.  Well over 50 people came.  We ran out of food in the end.  I was shocked.  A few people did bring presents but most listened so R only had to open a few.  And my house isn't filled with toys he won't play with!! =)

I will add some pictures below.  I do not have many because my camera wasn't working right till after the cake.  Yes this did upset me and yes I did cry.  I really feel bad I don't have pictures of most of his party.  =(

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tests continued...

Okay so now I am finally going to finish up what I wrote in the last post that got deleted.  So we later found out that her first number was really 261 not 216 like she was told.  G was looking around at her test results online and found out.  Soooo that means since the 2nd number was only 479 it didn't double.  I am not too concerned because the double time is still 57 hours which is well before 72 since they want it to double in 48 to 72 hours.  I just think that means there is only 1 baby.  Which I am okay with.  G probably not.  But I know she will be happy either way!  I also talked to the nurse about the crinone because it was causing irritation so she called in a script for endometrium plus said G could cut back on the crinone for now and didn't have to take full dose of endometrium since her Progesterone levels were so high.

The other thing I talked to the nurse about is an ultrasound.  They want her to have one but they don't take her insurance.  Won't even run it outta network (which upsets me).  So we don't want to do her care up there anymore now that she is pregnant and insurance will cover her appts.  It is too far to drive and will cost too much.  I asked if we could be seen at my midwife's office.  She said that would be fine but they won't see her till she is 6 weeks.  That is their policy.  Well that is fine with us.  You don't see much at 5 weeks anyways.  She gives us a requisition for the ultrasound and I go to schedule that and of course it's not that easy.  They won't let G schedule an ultrasound till she sees my midwife, Wendi.  So I schedule the appt for Aug 27th and they tell me that if Wendi orders the ultrasound that day they should be able to squeeze us in for an ultrasound the same day.  So we have our fingers crossed!!

The other thing the nurse told me Friday was that G's TSH number is rising so they want to watch it.  So she needed retested Monday which would have been Aug 18th.  The TSH number Thursday was 4.85.  So Monday she goes for her retest and of course no one calls her back so Tuesday afternoon when we still hadn't heard anything I call.  The nurse said "oh I left a message with G her level came back at 5.21 so we want her to continue her med"....I was like "wait what?"  1st you didn't call G i just talked to her and she hadn't heard from you and 2nd she isn't on medication.  The nurse says "well Chris decided Friday she wanted G to start meds for thyroid so she called them in"  I was like "umm no I went to the pharmacy Friday to get the script you called in and there was't anything else"  and I knew there wasn't my friend is the pharmacist so she would make sure to tell me.  So she looks at the notes on file and says.  Chris tried to call G and couldn't get ahold of her so didn't know what pharmacy to send it to so didn't.  Ummm now I am getting upset.  1 she didn't call G's phone 2 they sent in a script that same day so they knew where to send it and 3 isn't this kind of important so they should try to keep calling G or maybe call me?????  So I find out they have been calling the home phone (which we really don't use) even tho our cell phones are suppose to be primary contact.  I check the messages on that phone from Friday and this Chris person said "this is your doctor office please call us back" that is it no name or reason.  Doesn't sound too serious does it?  Well it is this could be life or death for our baby!!  I can't believe this!!!  So anyways she finally calls in the med and G runs right over to get it to start it.  We are hoping our baby is okay.

So I am pretty upset with our fertility clinic.  The care since I was there is awful.  You are just a number and they make lots of mistakes because they see so many people.  It is really sad.   Nothing seems to be going that smoothly this time but it is okay as long as we deliver a healthy baby around April 21st.  Which will be the due date!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well G went for her pregnancy test on Tuesday.  The paperwork said they would call with results after 2:30 but sometimes they post them online first so I kept checking it.  G refused to pee on a stick so I had no idea what the test results would be besides all the pregnancy symptoms she had which could be explained away as side effects from the progesterone and estrace.  2:30 came around and still nothing so I told G she could call but she decided to wait.  4:30 came and she decided to call but it was too late they has already closed.  I was so upset I didn't want to wait!

The next morning she called and was told the HCG was 216 so she is pregnant but didn't give her progesterone numbers. As I mentioned in the last blog the doctor was pushing G to use PIO.  We decided not to so we really wanted the numbers.  She called many times that day and the next and still didn't get those numbers.  They kept telling her they didn't fax the results yet.  All they needed to do was call the lab to get them and it seems  they were too lazy.  I finally sent a message to the woman that takes care of a the public media stuff for the fertility clinic and I got a call from a nurse that was working eventho the office was closed.  She actually called the lab and found out they made a mistake and never ran the progesterone  eventho the paperwork said to.  I was so thankful she finally found out but so mad those other nurses didn't.  I guess G must be too nice on the phone.

After that the fertility clinic nurses have been calling me.  They might be scared of me now lol Friday morning they called with the 2nd blood work results.  HCG was 479 and progesterone was 97.  So we  found out we made right decision not to use the PIO. 

So I just went to post this (which was much longer) and now this is all that's left.  I am not sure what happened but it deleted half the post.  I am too mad to re write it so I am sorry hopefully I can soon.  For now least I was able to tell you she is pregnant.  Our week has been crazy so I wish it woulda saved!  

Friday, August 1, 2014

We have a fighter

So today was G's 3dt.  We got there and they took us into the transfer room and did her acupuncture.  Then we waited a very long time for the transfer.  It was over an hour.  Guess they were really busy.  It was killing us still not knowing anything about our embryos.

Finally our doctor comes in and shows us a picture of all 6 of the embryos.  Only 1 wasn't doing anything.  He counted 5 yes 5 good looking embryos.  If you didn't read my last blog.  We only had 4 fertilized on day 1.  So that means we have a fighter that decided it wasn't going to die off like they thought.  We were so happy.

I'm sure I've said his before but our RE is 2 hours away.  Well next thing the doc says to us is that we can do a day 6 transfer since they were doing so well.  That would have been great info before we got there but then it wasn't.  So we decided to do it today. The doctor said he would transfer 2 and freeze 3.  We were so happy.  We wanted to transfer 2 and freeze 2 so it was even better then we hoped for.

Here are all our embryos

As you can see the 6th one isn't doing anything but the others are. 

 Now here are just the 2 we transferred  

These 2 were graded 4-9cell and 3-8cell.  The scale is 1-4 with 4 the best and day 3 normally have 6 to 10 cells.  The 3 we froze their grades were 3-8cell, 3-8cell and 2-6cell.  So we are feeling pretty good about the grades.  I know it's not a day 5 transfer like we hoped for before retrieval but since we couldn't have one since they are closed Sundays we are happy with this.  It is going to work!  I know lots of people who had success with 3 day transfers.  

After transfer our doctor pushed us to have G start PIO as well as the crinone she's already doing.  We were trying to avoid that because of the horrible stories we've heard and I didn't use it and we had our son.  There isn't a specific reason he wants us to use it.  It is just because it is now his current protocol.  He now seems to try anything and everything.  Well we have no reason to believe she will have a progesterone problem so G is still undecided.  And I don't know if I can actually give her the shots.  I never did any of my shots she did them all and she does her own.  She doesn't think she can do her own PIO.  So I wait and see if I will have to. Scares the crap outta me lol 

After that she had her acupuncture and we were finally able to leave that transfer room.  We were in there for 3 hours!  

So now she's PUPO with twins and we wait!  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

# Fertilized

Well here is the update on our babies......

 Out of the 7 eggs they retrieved 6 were mature and 4 fertilized.    Not as good as we hoped but not the worst it could be.  We are doing a day 3 transfer which is tomorrow at 9:45am.  We really hope all 4 are still doing great tomorrow so that we can transfer 2 and freeze 2.  For our piece of mind I really want to have some frozen so we have a back up plan.  We were sure we would have some to freeze because my IVF went so well and they told G her cycle was going so well.  We never even considered this might happen.  But we were sure we would have success so why change that attitude right?  So only positive thinking tomorrow!

I will leave you with some pictures.

Rayden Saturday on the playground

Me and Rayden from few weeks ago

G and Rayden at swimming lessons

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

IVF # 2

Well lets begin with how we decided to start IVF again.  G had talked about wanting to carry a biological baby but never seemed really committed to it and I never thought she would do it.  In February I opened my email and found that Our fertility clinic was having a "sale" on IVF.  It was a lot cheaper then we paid for my IVF. I told her if she was really interested this would be the perfect time to buy her IVF.  She decided she definitely wanted to carry our next child.  We needed to start the IVF within a year of buying it so we decided the summer would be a great time to try for baby number 2.  They would be a little less then 2 years apart.  After buying the IVF I went to buy the sperm.  We wanted to use same donor we did Rayden.  Luckily we got 1 of the last 2 vials.  They told me they will not be selling anymore.  Seemed like we were meant to decide all that right then since it was working out so well.

Below is timeline so far for G's IVF

April 30th was our phone consult with the doctor

May 10th HSG and everything looked good

June 30th G's period started

July 2 1st baseline appt.  started birth-control (2weeks)

July 13 started Lupron 10 units

July 15 last birth-control pill

July 18 G's period started

July 19 2nd baseline appt start stims 150 gonal f, dexamethasone .5mg and 5 units Lupron same meds for July 20th

July 21 lower gonal f to 75

July 23 day 5 monitoring saw 9 follicles

July 25 day 7 monitoring saw 5 follicles

July 27 trigger

July 29 retrieval retrieved 7 eggs

Now that brings us up to date.  We've had some bumps along the way.  They forgot to tell her to take zpak at the beginning of they cycle.  They had her stim meds pretty low.  Lower then they do a mini IVF and we didn't request that.  We didn't need 36 eggs like they for from me but woulda liked to atleast start with 15 eggs today.  They won't all be mature and they won't all fertilize so starting with 7 isn't great.  We really hope we end up with atleast 4 before transfer.

They completely messed up her instructions today.  But I noticed because I have been thru this and called and got it cleared up.  They had her taking double the amount of estrace and orally not vaginally.  I knew right away it was wrong.  We pay them a lot of money they really should get these things right.  I am thinking her low dose of meds was a mistake too.  I hope it works out in the end tho.

Tomorrow she starts crinone, estrace, dexamethasone again, baby aspirin, cleocin, and doxycycline.  Cleocin and doxycycline are only for 3 days.

Tomorrow we should get update on what was mature and what fertilized.  I will update soon!  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big news Big Update

Well I have found blogging with a child and full time job is very hard.  When I get a free second I have 101 other things that need done.  So this will be a big catch up blog.  First our big news is that we have started to try for baby number 2 and if G has her way number 3 as well. Lol she really wants not so much.  One at a time is perfectly fine with me.  This time G is doing IVF.  I'm shocked she wants to.  I never thought she would but this is what she wants and I support that.  I will go into more details about how that whole process is going soon.  First let's talk about Rayden!

Rayden  is 11 months now!  Almost 1 year and I can't believe it.  Time goes so fast and he's growing up so fast.  He is eating real food (meaning same things we eat) and he's walking now.  He started taking a few steps on his own last week and today started walking all over without help.  He still loves to grab our finger and walk us all over.  He is basically dragging us lol The only word he says is mama but that's enough for us!  He is still breastfed.  He's never had formula and I am so proud of us!  Pumping is getting very old but well worth it.  I am hoping after a year he can start whole milk or almond milk when he's with my mom while I am at work so I won't have to pump anymore.  I will still breastfeed him when he's with me tho.  He has 2 teeth so far and very little hair.  Lol

Last time I blogged we had just got his 6 month pics done so I guess I should post a few of those.

At Rayden's last doctors appointment he was 9 months old.  He weighed 21lbs and 8ozs.  His height was 29.5 inches.  That puts him at 86% for height and 66% for weight.  

Next blog I plan on updating about G's IVF.  I want all the details in my blog like I did for my IVF.  It's nice to have it all saved somewhere to go back and look at.  You think you will remember everything but you don't and it's great to have the info.  So I want to make sure I get it all for G's too.  Also we will have all the details for our children as well.  

Now I will leave you with some recent pictures of Rayden.  These pictures were from our vacation in Texas.  He loves water and sand so he had a blast.  He really is a very happy baby!  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

6 months old

Rayden is 6 months old!  It's so hard to believe.  Time is flying and I feel like I can't get anything done including keeping this blog up to date.  Other things that need to be done are his room, albums, and pics on the wall.  And of course lots of cleaning lol.  He takes up so much of my time.  I'm either working or taking care of him.

Breast feeding is still going well.  Not one drop of formula has been needed.  Actually I have tons of frozen milk that is going to waste.  It's great to know it's there in case we need it but I've already had to throw some out that looked freezer burnt.  I hate to see it being wasted when I work so hard to pump it.  I actually cut back on pumping because of this and well because it's not fun lol.  Honestly this biggest reason I cut back on pumping was because I got my period back.  I thought if I pumped enough maybe it would stay away but I was wrong.  It came back 4 month postpartum.  So now I only pump two times while at work and don't pump at home.  Before I was pumping at least 3 times at home and 3 times at work.  With just pumping twice at work I still get more then enough so it works out.

We started homemade baby food two weeks before he turned 6 months.  We planned on waiting till 6 months but we got excited and started early.  He was definitely ready tho.  We started with bananas and he ate them right up.  We thought for sure he would spit to out some but he didn't.  So far we've tried bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, avocado, pears, and apples. The only one he didn't like was peas.  I make most of the baby food with breast milk especially did at the beginning.  I wanted it to be an easy transition.  I don't know what we will try next.

Still no teeth but he's been drooling for months.  He goes thru 5 bibs a day at least.  We just got an amber teething necklace hoping it will help.  We haven't had it long so so far no improvement.  I will let you know if it helps!

Today we got Rayden's 6 month pictures done.  I can't wait to see them.  We are hoping the photographer has them done soon.  I will post when I have them.

He can sit now but we need to be near by because he tips over.  No crawling yet but he can walk in his walker.  He would much rather be standing then laying on his belly.  Wondering if he will pretty much just skip crawling and go straight to walking lol

So I think I'm going to get to bed but my next blog will have big news! And hopefully it won't take me forever to write it lol I will leave you with a few pics tho....

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Ok so this will be VERY late for a Christmas post but I wanted a post for some Christmas pics =) and who doesn't love to see pics of babies??

Christmas Eve we went to my parents house.  We had a nice dinner with finger foods (my favorite).  Then Christmas Day we had dinner at our house with G's family.  We are starting a switch off.  This year we went to Thanksgiving dinner with my family and Christmas dinner with Gs and next year we will switch.  Before this year with Rayden, G and I always went our separate ways.  Not because our families don't like our SOs but because we just preferred to spend those days with our own family and neither of us cared we went separate ways.  It worked for us and no one cared.  But now with Rayden it's different.  We can't split him in half and family wants to see him more then us lol so this is our new arrangement and it seems to be working out well.

Here is a pic of Rayden with Santa.  We think it's pretty funny because they both look so serious.  People comment that they look like they are ready to kick some butt lol

It has been very cold around here so when we went to get a tree at the tree farm we had to pick one that was already cut we didn't want to keep Rayden out very long.  Normally we would walk all over the tree farm pick the perfect one and cut down our own. Oh how things change with kids lol  Here are pics from that day.

Rayden and Mommy G

Rayden and Mommy A with our tree we picked

I tried my best to get some good pictures of Rayden in front of our tree Christmas Day.  Here they are...

So we didn't get Rayden much for Christmas and the only reason we wrapped some was because of the other kids (nieces and nephews).  They wanted to see and help him open presents.  We got him a Mickey and an outfit that we wrapped.  We also got him some books and a Baby Bullet. (hopefully soon I will have more posts about the Baby Bullet) We had a great Christmas and he seemed to have fun as well.  Here are some more pictures...

Rayden opening his Mickey.  He loves Mickey right now.

Rayden and I opening an outfit that he would rather eat lol 

Rayden and I

Our Family on Christmas

3 month update (very late)

Ok so I started to write this post a long time ago as you will see and never got to finish it so I think I should just post it and then work on a new one that hopefully will get posted sooner then this one. I am so sorry!!

It's really hard to find time to update this.  I would love to more often but I also love sleep lol Anyways we are doing good.  Lately we've had a cranky teething baby, but can't help that.  Also Rayden has been fighting sleep in the afternoon.  We know he wants to and needs to sleep, but he just fights it.

We are still breastfeeding no formula at all.  It keeps getting easier and now I do not pump much at all.  I used to pump and bottle feed most of the time because that was quicker and easier.  He wanted to be at the boob all the time so I could never get anything done.  If I pumped G could feed and I could get some other stuff done.  Now it's the opposite.  It's faster to feed him then it is to pump.  Now I really only pump at work.  And I don't pump nearly as much because I already have a freezer full of milk not being used why keep freezing more.  So I basically only pump what I need.  I really hope that Rayden never has to have formula and I can breast feed till be no longer would need formula.

His 2 month doctor visit and shots did not go well.  We both left crying.  His pediatrician told us at his last appt and this appt that he would only need 2 shots because they have the combined shot.  So that is what we were prepared for.  Well the nurse walked in with 5 shots.  I was NOT happy and refused some.  The shots he did get hurt him a lot and he screamed for a long time and I cried right with him.  The doctor tried to come back in and apologize after the nurse told her what happen but it was too late.  Rayden was screaming and I was crying and I have no idea what she was even saying.  This appt was November 6th and he was 10 weeks old.  I didn't go back to get the rest of his shots till December 18th when he was 16 weeks old because it took me that long to cool down and be ready to do more shots.  At that appt the doctor made sure to talk to me about all the shots and told me they had just got the combined shot in for his 4 month shots and she was putting one aside for him and she would make sure she knew how many shots before telling me anything next time.  Thank you she def should!!  I felt so lied to and hurt by that.

So at 10 weeks he weighed 14lbs and 23.5 inches
and at 16 weeks he weighed 16lbs they didnt measure him

His next appt will be January 15th and he will be 20 weeks.

Here are some pics of our guy....

Halloween (2 months old)

G and Rayden (2 months old)

Bath Time (2 months old)

Rayden and I (2 months old)

All of our boys...Karmel Konner and Rayden (3 months)

3 months old 

Loves his monkey (3 months old)