Monday, December 22, 2014

22 weeks

We had another ultrasound Dec 18th.  Everything is basically the same which is good news.  They are still measuring about a week apart and Baby A still has more fluid but it's not any worse then before and they are still both within normal limits.

Baby A is 51 percentile weighing 1lb 2ozs and has 5 cm fluid.  His cord is at edge of placenta and he has a 2 vessel cord.

Baby B is 27 percentile weighing 15ozs and has 3 cm fluid.  His cord is in center and has a 3 vessel cord.

G's cervix is 4 cms.

If you remember from last blog we thought B had the 2 vessel cord but we remembered wrong.  We think last time A was 50 percentile and B was 30 percentile so still pretty close to the same.  We are glad things are holding steady.  We go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound.  It woulda been 2 weeks but the doc is away for 2 weeks for the holiday.

So G has her 4th bladder infection so Sunday she had to go for ultrasound on kidneys and bladder and tomorrow we go see the urologist.  She is still in a lot of pain so hopefully we get some answers.

Yesterday I felt one of the babies for the first time! Yay!

Wish I had pics to show you but the last appt was just focused on seeing how the babies were doing and we didn't get any good pics.  Hopefully next time!


  1. Glad the boys are holding steady. Have they talked maintenance antibiotics yet? That's what I ended up being prescribed, I took a lower dose of the same antibiotic to try to prevent the infection from coming back. The damage to my cervix was already done though, which it doesn't sould like is an issue for you guys so far. Keep us posted on what the urologist says :)

  2. Glad the boys are hanging in there! Our boys measured small and differnt sizes on ultrasound too but turned out fine-ultrasound is definitely subjective and not 100% accurate. You're more than half way there!!!