Thursday, February 27, 2014


Ok so this will be VERY late for a Christmas post but I wanted a post for some Christmas pics =) and who doesn't love to see pics of babies??

Christmas Eve we went to my parents house.  We had a nice dinner with finger foods (my favorite).  Then Christmas Day we had dinner at our house with G's family.  We are starting a switch off.  This year we went to Thanksgiving dinner with my family and Christmas dinner with Gs and next year we will switch.  Before this year with Rayden, G and I always went our separate ways.  Not because our families don't like our SOs but because we just preferred to spend those days with our own family and neither of us cared we went separate ways.  It worked for us and no one cared.  But now with Rayden it's different.  We can't split him in half and family wants to see him more then us lol so this is our new arrangement and it seems to be working out well.

Here is a pic of Rayden with Santa.  We think it's pretty funny because they both look so serious.  People comment that they look like they are ready to kick some butt lol

It has been very cold around here so when we went to get a tree at the tree farm we had to pick one that was already cut we didn't want to keep Rayden out very long.  Normally we would walk all over the tree farm pick the perfect one and cut down our own. Oh how things change with kids lol  Here are pics from that day.

Rayden and Mommy G

Rayden and Mommy A with our tree we picked

I tried my best to get some good pictures of Rayden in front of our tree Christmas Day.  Here they are...

So we didn't get Rayden much for Christmas and the only reason we wrapped some was because of the other kids (nieces and nephews).  They wanted to see and help him open presents.  We got him a Mickey and an outfit that we wrapped.  We also got him some books and a Baby Bullet. (hopefully soon I will have more posts about the Baby Bullet) We had a great Christmas and he seemed to have fun as well.  Here are some more pictures...

Rayden opening his Mickey.  He loves Mickey right now.

Rayden and I opening an outfit that he would rather eat lol 

Rayden and I

Our Family on Christmas

3 month update (very late)

Ok so I started to write this post a long time ago as you will see and never got to finish it so I think I should just post it and then work on a new one that hopefully will get posted sooner then this one. I am so sorry!!

It's really hard to find time to update this.  I would love to more often but I also love sleep lol Anyways we are doing good.  Lately we've had a cranky teething baby, but can't help that.  Also Rayden has been fighting sleep in the afternoon.  We know he wants to and needs to sleep, but he just fights it.

We are still breastfeeding no formula at all.  It keeps getting easier and now I do not pump much at all.  I used to pump and bottle feed most of the time because that was quicker and easier.  He wanted to be at the boob all the time so I could never get anything done.  If I pumped G could feed and I could get some other stuff done.  Now it's the opposite.  It's faster to feed him then it is to pump.  Now I really only pump at work.  And I don't pump nearly as much because I already have a freezer full of milk not being used why keep freezing more.  So I basically only pump what I need.  I really hope that Rayden never has to have formula and I can breast feed till be no longer would need formula.

His 2 month doctor visit and shots did not go well.  We both left crying.  His pediatrician told us at his last appt and this appt that he would only need 2 shots because they have the combined shot.  So that is what we were prepared for.  Well the nurse walked in with 5 shots.  I was NOT happy and refused some.  The shots he did get hurt him a lot and he screamed for a long time and I cried right with him.  The doctor tried to come back in and apologize after the nurse told her what happen but it was too late.  Rayden was screaming and I was crying and I have no idea what she was even saying.  This appt was November 6th and he was 10 weeks old.  I didn't go back to get the rest of his shots till December 18th when he was 16 weeks old because it took me that long to cool down and be ready to do more shots.  At that appt the doctor made sure to talk to me about all the shots and told me they had just got the combined shot in for his 4 month shots and she was putting one aside for him and she would make sure she knew how many shots before telling me anything next time.  Thank you she def should!!  I felt so lied to and hurt by that.

So at 10 weeks he weighed 14lbs and 23.5 inches
and at 16 weeks he weighed 16lbs they didnt measure him

His next appt will be January 15th and he will be 20 weeks.

Here are some pics of our guy....

Halloween (2 months old)

G and Rayden (2 months old)

Bath Time (2 months old)

Rayden and I (2 months old)

All of our boys...Karmel Konner and Rayden (3 months)

3 months old 

Loves his monkey (3 months old)