Thursday, February 27, 2014


Ok so this will be VERY late for a Christmas post but I wanted a post for some Christmas pics =) and who doesn't love to see pics of babies??

Christmas Eve we went to my parents house.  We had a nice dinner with finger foods (my favorite).  Then Christmas Day we had dinner at our house with G's family.  We are starting a switch off.  This year we went to Thanksgiving dinner with my family and Christmas dinner with Gs and next year we will switch.  Before this year with Rayden, G and I always went our separate ways.  Not because our families don't like our SOs but because we just preferred to spend those days with our own family and neither of us cared we went separate ways.  It worked for us and no one cared.  But now with Rayden it's different.  We can't split him in half and family wants to see him more then us lol so this is our new arrangement and it seems to be working out well.

Here is a pic of Rayden with Santa.  We think it's pretty funny because they both look so serious.  People comment that they look like they are ready to kick some butt lol

It has been very cold around here so when we went to get a tree at the tree farm we had to pick one that was already cut we didn't want to keep Rayden out very long.  Normally we would walk all over the tree farm pick the perfect one and cut down our own. Oh how things change with kids lol  Here are pics from that day.

Rayden and Mommy G

Rayden and Mommy A with our tree we picked

I tried my best to get some good pictures of Rayden in front of our tree Christmas Day.  Here they are...

So we didn't get Rayden much for Christmas and the only reason we wrapped some was because of the other kids (nieces and nephews).  They wanted to see and help him open presents.  We got him a Mickey and an outfit that we wrapped.  We also got him some books and a Baby Bullet. (hopefully soon I will have more posts about the Baby Bullet) We had a great Christmas and he seemed to have fun as well.  Here are some more pictures...

Rayden opening his Mickey.  He loves Mickey right now.

Rayden and I opening an outfit that he would rather eat lol 

Rayden and I

Our Family on Christmas

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