Saturday, March 15, 2014

6 months old

Rayden is 6 months old!  It's so hard to believe.  Time is flying and I feel like I can't get anything done including keeping this blog up to date.  Other things that need to be done are his room, albums, and pics on the wall.  And of course lots of cleaning lol.  He takes up so much of my time.  I'm either working or taking care of him.

Breast feeding is still going well.  Not one drop of formula has been needed.  Actually I have tons of frozen milk that is going to waste.  It's great to know it's there in case we need it but I've already had to throw some out that looked freezer burnt.  I hate to see it being wasted when I work so hard to pump it.  I actually cut back on pumping because of this and well because it's not fun lol.  Honestly this biggest reason I cut back on pumping was because I got my period back.  I thought if I pumped enough maybe it would stay away but I was wrong.  It came back 4 month postpartum.  So now I only pump two times while at work and don't pump at home.  Before I was pumping at least 3 times at home and 3 times at work.  With just pumping twice at work I still get more then enough so it works out.

We started homemade baby food two weeks before he turned 6 months.  We planned on waiting till 6 months but we got excited and started early.  He was definitely ready tho.  We started with bananas and he ate them right up.  We thought for sure he would spit to out some but he didn't.  So far we've tried bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, avocado, pears, and apples. The only one he didn't like was peas.  I make most of the baby food with breast milk especially did at the beginning.  I wanted it to be an easy transition.  I don't know what we will try next.

Still no teeth but he's been drooling for months.  He goes thru 5 bibs a day at least.  We just got an amber teething necklace hoping it will help.  We haven't had it long so so far no improvement.  I will let you know if it helps!

Today we got Rayden's 6 month pictures done.  I can't wait to see them.  We are hoping the photographer has them done soon.  I will post when I have them.

He can sit now but we need to be near by because he tips over.  No crawling yet but he can walk in his walker.  He would much rather be standing then laying on his belly.  Wondering if he will pretty much just skip crawling and go straight to walking lol

So I think I'm going to get to bed but my next blog will have big news! And hopefully it won't take me forever to write it lol I will leave you with a few pics tho....


  1. I can't believe that your little guy is already 6 months old! Where did the time go?! He is such a beautiful baby. :)

  2. What a cutie! Food is such a fun thing to start--I'm glad he's liking it! :)