Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big news Big Update

Well I have found blogging with a child and full time job is very hard.  When I get a free second I have 101 other things that need done.  So this will be a big catch up blog.  First our big news is that we have started to try for baby number 2 and if G has her way number 3 as well. Lol she really wants not so much.  One at a time is perfectly fine with me.  This time G is doing IVF.  I'm shocked she wants to.  I never thought she would but this is what she wants and I support that.  I will go into more details about how that whole process is going soon.  First let's talk about Rayden!

Rayden  is 11 months now!  Almost 1 year and I can't believe it.  Time goes so fast and he's growing up so fast.  He is eating real food (meaning same things we eat) and he's walking now.  He started taking a few steps on his own last week and today started walking all over without help.  He still loves to grab our finger and walk us all over.  He is basically dragging us lol The only word he says is mama but that's enough for us!  He is still breastfed.  He's never had formula and I am so proud of us!  Pumping is getting very old but well worth it.  I am hoping after a year he can start whole milk or almond milk when he's with my mom while I am at work so I won't have to pump anymore.  I will still breastfeed him when he's with me tho.  He has 2 teeth so far and very little hair.  Lol

Last time I blogged we had just got his 6 month pics done so I guess I should post a few of those.

At Rayden's last doctors appointment he was 9 months old.  He weighed 21lbs and 8ozs.  His height was 29.5 inches.  That puts him at 86% for height and 66% for weight.  

Next blog I plan on updating about G's IVF.  I want all the details in my blog like I did for my IVF.  It's nice to have it all saved somewhere to go back and look at.  You think you will remember everything but you don't and it's great to have the info.  So I want to make sure I get it all for G's too.  Also we will have all the details for our children as well.  

Now I will leave you with some recent pictures of Rayden.  These pictures were from our vacation in Texas.  He loves water and sand so he had a blast.  He really is a very happy baby!  

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  1. It's great to get an update! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only blogger that is behind! Rayden is adorbs! I can't believe he's almost one! As a mom of twins-we are def not ready for #3 but more power to ya! So glad everything is going well for your family!