Tuesday, July 29, 2014

IVF # 2

Well lets begin with how we decided to start IVF again.  G had talked about wanting to carry a biological baby but never seemed really committed to it and I never thought she would do it.  In February I opened my email and found that Our fertility clinic was having a "sale" on IVF.  It was a lot cheaper then we paid for my IVF. I told her if she was really interested this would be the perfect time to buy her IVF.  She decided she definitely wanted to carry our next child.  We needed to start the IVF within a year of buying it so we decided the summer would be a great time to try for baby number 2.  They would be a little less then 2 years apart.  After buying the IVF I went to buy the sperm.  We wanted to use same donor we did Rayden.  Luckily we got 1 of the last 2 vials.  They told me they will not be selling anymore.  Seemed like we were meant to decide all that right then since it was working out so well.

Below is timeline so far for G's IVF

April 30th was our phone consult with the doctor

May 10th HSG and everything looked good

June 30th G's period started

July 2 1st baseline appt.  started birth-control (2weeks)

July 13 started Lupron 10 units

July 15 last birth-control pill

July 18 G's period started

July 19 2nd baseline appt start stims 150 gonal f, dexamethasone .5mg and 5 units Lupron same meds for July 20th

July 21 lower gonal f to 75

July 23 day 5 monitoring saw 9 follicles

July 25 day 7 monitoring saw 5 follicles

July 27 trigger

July 29 retrieval retrieved 7 eggs

Now that brings us up to date.  We've had some bumps along the way.  They forgot to tell her to take zpak at the beginning of they cycle.  They had her stim meds pretty low.  Lower then they do a mini IVF and we didn't request that.  We didn't need 36 eggs like they for from me but woulda liked to atleast start with 15 eggs today.  They won't all be mature and they won't all fertilize so starting with 7 isn't great.  We really hope we end up with atleast 4 before transfer.

They completely messed up her instructions today.  But I noticed because I have been thru this and called and got it cleared up.  They had her taking double the amount of estrace and orally not vaginally.  I knew right away it was wrong.  We pay them a lot of money they really should get these things right.  I am thinking her low dose of meds was a mistake too.  I hope it works out in the end tho.

Tomorrow she starts crinone, estrace, dexamethasone again, baby aspirin, cleocin, and doxycycline.  Cleocin and doxycycline are only for 3 days.

Tomorrow we should get update on what was mature and what fertilized.  I will update soon!  

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