Monday, November 10, 2014

New Doctor

So Sept 17th was our first meeting with the new doctor we had to pick since we were having twins and our midwife won't deliver twins.  At first it didn't seem to be going well because we waited a very long time to see him and the nurse wasn't very nice or helpful.  I asked her some questions about G's medical records being transferred and she automatically said "no" without even looking.  So I then asked how long it takes them to get them into their patients file (because I knew they were already faxed there I had contacted the REs office to double check) and she said "right away" which shocked me because our OBs office still uses paper files.  So I then told her they were already faxed so they must have them somewhere.  She acted irritated but finally looked into the file and found them.  Ugh!!  So right away we were like oh no we made the wrong decision!!

But Dr. Farrell came in and we loved him right away.  He was so nice and friendly and sat down and talked with us not at us.  He tried to hear the heartbeats with the doppler but couldn't which didn't concern us since G was only 9w1d.  Dr. Farrell I think was concerned tho and wanted to make sure everything was okay and ordered another ultrasound.  We weren't going to argue with seeing the babies again!! Below you can see our little beans!! Both had strong heartbeats.  I think they were both 170.

After we saw the babies again they took us to Dr. Farrells office to speak with him which I thought was nice.  He had pictures of his 4 girls in there.  Yes he has 4 girls!!  He answered all our questions and said he would do the delivery as natural as possible.  That was our big concern with switching to a doctor,  He said as long as Baby A is head down he will do a vaginal delivery.  He will let her go to 38 weeks before talking induction.  And he won't "make" her get an epidural but might suggest one if baby B isn't head down because turning that baby could hurt.  He said he would never "make" us do anything so it was great to hear.  We are very happy with our decision.  

Another thing we did learn was that it is VERY hard to go to the OBs office with a toddler lol Rayden was with us and he wanted to get into everything and he didn't like all the waiting.  Guess we need to get used to this!!  

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