Friday, November 21, 2014

18 weeks

G is now 18 weeks pregnant with mono/di twins (identical).  She can now feel them.  She has been feeling movement for a few weeks but felt them from outside last night.  I didn't get to feel it tho because I was holding sleeping R and couldn't get up.  I hope to feel it soon tho!

G's appointment Nov 10th went well. I wasn't there I was at work but G and her mom went.  They listened to babies heart rates and they were in the 160s.  They scheduled the next appt which would be the big Ultrasound appt for Dec 4th.  We really thought it would be earlier since he kept saying 18 weeks and we really want to know what they are.  So the next day I made a phone call and was able to get it moved up till Nov 24th.  That is only a few days away now!!  We can't wait to know if we are having 2 boys or 2 girls!!

Last weekend Nov 15th when G was 17w4ds she got another bladder infection.  This is now the 2nd one already.  They called her in antibiotics and she is doing better now but we are hoping she doesn't keep getting them!

R is doing well.  He is baby talking up a storm lately.  He will be 15 months on Monday.  Here are some pics of him!

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