Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We finally got to hear and see the heartbeat!!  I spotted twice in the past week so I was so worried about the ultrasound today.  Turns out I worried for nothing (again) we got a nice heart beat of 136 =)  Its crazy how early it starts beating.  I am 6w6ds today.

There is definitely only one baby in there so the other embryo didn't implant.  We are very hopeful this is one will make it!  I am happy to be pregnant with one, but two I feel would give us better odds of delivering at least one baby.  On the plus side at least I won't have to take care of two babies at the same time.  That did scare me!! lol

I can finally stop the lovenox shots!!  Maybe my belly will finally not be black and blue.  The nurse said my ovaries are still huge, but I don't have the fluid in my abdomen.  My belly is still bigger then normal, but I am down to my weight at the beginning of the IVF.

Today I had to buy bigger underwear and pants!  I was hoping to making my clothes last longer, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

So here is our ultrasound with the heartbeat at the bottom =)


  1. Congrats ! So happy for you ladies.

  2. love it! congrats!can't even imagine what that beautiful heartbeat sounded like!

  3. Wahooo! Spotting is awful. you never know what it means :-( But your little one is doing good. What a joy to hear that heartbeat!

  4. Congrats! Just started reading your blog :)

  5. When you get a chance shoot me an email I have questions already lol!