Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Time

Well here it goes my first blog post.  I am nervous and excited to start this process.  I worry about my writing so I apologize in advance for any mistakes!  These days with all the facebook messages, texts, and emails I don't get much practice with writing complete sentences and paragraphs.  Things have definitely changed.  I wanted to write a blog after reading other blogs that have been so helpful to me.  I discovered other people have had the same struggles as me and reading their blogs assisted me in many ways so I thought maybe if I wrote I could help someone else.  If I only help one person feel better about their situation then it's all worth it!

I have decided to begin writing this in a few different sections at first.  I have a lot of background information to get out and I think it would be very overwhelming for you and me to have it all in the first post.  So I plan on splitting up our long journey. 

A quick overview is that I am Amanda Raye so yes I am female and if you haven't guessed from part of my title ("mothers") my partner (G) is female as well.  I am not sure how public we want to be so her name will be "G" on this blog.  We have been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years.  Since we can't do it the "old fashioned way" in the 2 years we have only got to try 4 times.  We have done 4 IUIs so far.  G and I never thought it would be this hard to start our family.  When people asked us about kids when we were first together we always said "there are ways we can have kids" and didn't really think we would be struggling.  Actually we were sure our first try would work.  Which I am sure happens to all couples no matter what sexual orientation and I don't think it was wrong for us to hope for the best but we definitely were not planning for the worst.  Infertility is very hard to deal with and it took a toll on both of us individually and as a couple.  BUT I will get into all that soon! 


  1. Hey girl, heyyyy!

    YESSS. I was wondering where the mother eff all the fabulous lesbians were in this strange little world of infertility blogging.

    Welcome, welcome!

    1. I have been able to find a few lesbian infertility blogs and they have been very helpful to me. Thanks for the welcome. I know Ive already slacked off on the blogging I need to write another ASAP! Thanks for my first ever comment tho!!!