Thursday, April 18, 2013

20 Weeks....

I am actually 21 weeks now but I wanted to give the half way update I am just a little late!! Sorry!! So far we have only bought the travel system, bassinet, and of course clothes!! We think we have picked out the crib that we want but haven't even gotten a chance to work on the baby room yet. We do have the theme for his room. Its going to be stars and monkeys. We just finished remodeling our room so baby room is next!! My mom already has a swing, crib and clothes for her house so she seems to be way ahead of me! lol I think she might be a little excited!

I have started some baby registries online and think we are having the baby shower July 21st but I need to make that official yet. I have some ideas for the shower....yes I am planning it! I am a control freak lol but my mom is going to help me pay for it and she will do the cooking. I will have to do a post with baby shower ideas and see what you guys think!! Our maternity pics our scheduled for June 23rd. Really hoping that is a good time to do them...I didn't want to do them too early or too late!!

Pregnancy seems to be starting to take a toll on me. I have a hard time getting up from couch and body parts go numb very quickly. My back and feet hurt already. I fear what the summer will be like!!

And since I never did one of these I feel its about time....

How far along? 21 weeks 2 days

How big is baby? length of carrot

Total weight gain: 18lbs

Maternity Clothes: Still haven't bought any, but had to go up 6 sizes in pants!

Have you started to show yet? our yea....see pic below lol

Sleep: can't get enough sleep

Best moment this week: continuing to feel him kick and see him move around

Miss Anything? for some reason I am missing wine and cigs (i never drank much and had quit smoking)

Movement: Lots and lots...esp when laying down. He kicks Gs hand every night.

Food Cravings: fudge pops and blue raspberry icees

Anything make you queasy or sick? no not really

Gender prediction: He is a boy

Name: All we know so far is his middle name will be James after my grandfather.

Symptoms: tired, back pain, sore feet

Major purchases this week? just bought some clothes

Looking forward to: seeing more movements in my belly!

Answering these questions made me think about a few other things I hadn't mentioned in detail. One I have been dreaming a lot. Pretty much can remember my dreams every morning. And one dream I have often in smoking or drinking and trying to hide it and someone catching me lol

Also every night G puts her hand on my belly and he kicks her. He seems to like it more when she puts her wrist on my belly. We are thinking this is because he can hear her pulse.

I found a baby book we are going to order. That was a lot harder then I thought...we went to buy one at ToysRus the other day thinking nothing of it till we looked inside and everything said "Daddy". So I looked online and didn't find much. What I did find was very expensive and ugly. But I finally found this one and it seems like everything we are looking for. I haven't seen it in person yet, but when I do I will give you my final opinion. Here is the website if you are interested in finding a baby book for two mommies!

 Here is my 20 week picture with our boxer Konner =)


  1. Awe such good news! Love the bump pic, your belly is adorable!!

  2. Your bump is beautiful! So glad to see the update is all good news!

  3. Hi Amanda, I've been meaning to stop by to say hello and congratulations on your bun in the oven! I'm so glad you found our little blog and I look forward to following your journey to baby. :)