Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birth Story

Friday Aug 23rd I told everyone I was sure baby boy was gonna be late.  There was no sign of labor anytime soon.  I picked up our nephew for the weekend and went home.  G was working a 14 hour shift and wouldn't be home till close to 4 am.  I fell asleep on the couch while our nephew played video games then we both went to bed.  At 3 am I woke up to what I thought was a contraction then went to pee and found a very small amount of blood.  I texted G but sure it was nothing.  Well I was very wrong.  The contractions kept coming every 5 mins.  I was sure they would slow down or stop because the midwife had told me "every first time mom comes to the hospital way to early.  Labor takes a long time.  Stay at home as long as you can."  So I took my time.  G got home and we both showered.  I spent a lot of time on the floor on my hands and knees rocking making sounds I've never even heard before.  Lol It made me feel better so I did what seemed right.  G called her sis to get our nephew and I called my mom.  Now my mom I guess was as sure as I was that baby boy wasn't coming any time soon because she didn't have a phone anywhere near her.  I called all her and my dads phones multiple times with no answer.  I was not happy and said some choice words I was glad she wasn't able to hear lol anyways she finally answered and hurried to our house.  I called my midwife who was actually on call that weekend and she said to come in as soon as we could.  But we live an hour away from the hospital so it was still gonna be awhile.  I was not worried because I was told over and over it takes a long time.  By the time we got into the car tho I was having contractions 2 mins apart.  G drove as fast as she could and got us there in 45 mins.

It was 6:45am now so we had to go in the ER entrance.  They took my info and called labor and delivery who was suppose to come down and get me.  I was having bad contractions then with only 30 seconds relief in the ER waiting room.  So now picture that....do you think I was quiet?  No definitely not!!!  They are telling me if I don't quiet down they will have to admit me to the ER.  Ummm yea not happening!  So after 20 mins they call up again and they tell me they say "oh yea we have to come get her".  I was not happy!  Finally a nurse comes and I get wheeled up.  As they wheel me by the nurses station one nurse says to take me straight to my room but the nurse pushing me doesn't listen and takes me to what I'm guessing is a triage room.  They tell me to change and pee in a cup.  Well not easy with contractions.  Finally was able to pee in that cup (more to come later about that) and G and I came out of the bathroom.  Then thank god that nurse finally listened and took me to my room.

I get back to my room and my midwife comes in to talk to me.  I am basically yelling for an epidural. I always planned to get one but of course my midwife didn't want me to.  She was ok with it till she checked me tho.  When she checked me I was 8 cms.  I was shocked.  She told me I could have baby boy out quicker then I could get an epidural.  I would have to have blood work and a IV before they would give me one.  I still wouldn't say I didn't want one but I knew I probably wasn't going to get one.  I didn't want to say those words because then I would have someone to blame if labor didn't go fast. Lol My midwife just continued to proceed like I had said I was ok without an epidural.  Which I was happy with I just didn't want to say and accept it.  She broke my water and in no time I was 10 cms and able to push.  She told me I was thru the worst before she broke it.  I didn't believe her at the time but she was right.  When I was pushing I was able to get longer periods of relief in between contractions and pushing wasn't that bad.  The only thing I had trouble with was telling when I should push.  I thought it would be like TV and they would watch the monitor and tell me when to push.  But they didn't and told me their monitors weren't like that.  So many times I was saying I didn't know when to push.  I was so hot so was basically naked the whole delivery lol you really don't care at that point who sees what.  My "best friend" during the delivery was a glove full of ice lol I just couldn't cool down and the ice felt so good.

I finally figured it out and baby boy came not too long after that.  I don't know how long I pushed or how many pushes but no more then an hour when I finally figure it out.  G was up on the bed with me and coached me thru.  Her, my mom, and my midwife kept telling me how well I was doing which helped a ton.  If any partners read this remember that!  We were so happy when he came.  And I was in total shock that I did it naturally!  Never in a million years did I think I would do it naturally.  He was born at 9:43 am ....labor was less then 7 hours....when I was pushing my goal was to deliver him by 9:45 so I succeeded!  He was 7lbs 11ozs 21 inches.  He was and is perfect!

After that I had a hard time delivering the placenta and was hemorrhaging pretty bad so then I got a shot of morphine.  But I told everyone in the room it didn't count because it was after delivery so I still did it naturally.  Lol. Took my midwife a long time to get the bleeding to stop and to get me stitched up.  I did tear.  So after she was part way thru my stitching she wanted the doc to come check me.  Well lets just say that was worse then the delivery!  She was not gentle and it felt like she was ripping me open not checking my stitches.  I was screaming in pain and they had numbed me before doing my stitches.  When the doc left my midwife apologized many times.  She didn't know that doc would treat me like that.

Baby boy (at this time he still wasn't named) started breast feeding right away on the right side.  We struggled the first day with the left but we finally got it.  After I wasn't drugged up anymore we decided to name him Rayden James.  

Sooooo getting back to peeing in the cup.  Well on our last day at the hospital I discover that the pee I was forced to give when I was 8 cms dilated sat on top of the TV stand and was never tested!  

We were in the hospital for more then 2 full days.  We actually would have gotten discharged Monday morning instead of Monday afternoon but we refused to let that doctor who hurt me do Rayden's circumcision on Sunday so we had to wait for that to be done Monday by a different doctor.  We were definitely ready to get home by then.  

Here is G, Rayden, and I (drugged up)

Here we are the day we left the hospital 

At home with his boxer brother Konner


  1. Super cute! I love the picture of your dog and the baby! And great job on the natural delivery, that is impressive!

  2. Yay! You did it! He's precious :)

  3. congrats to you both!! :) soooo cute!

  4. Congratulations on your natural birth and your sweet baby boy is precious. I just love that name!

  5. Oh, what a little sweetie! And good work, mama! Congratulations to you all!