Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1 month and 2 month update

Well as you can see I have been really bad about blogging.  Rayden is now 8 weeks old so I thought I would just do the 1 month and 2 month update now.  One very late and one a little early lol.  So we are still breast feeding.  In the beginning we did have some trouble with latching on the left side.  Actually he still does sometimes but now we don't struggle as much.  I was really having a hard time (emotionally) early on because all he wanted to do was nurse.  I couldn't even find time to eat or pee let alone some me time!  G was home for the first month but of course couldn't help with that part.  I tried really hard to get her to breast feed by taking the meds etc. before Rayden was born but it was always a big NO!  Anyways we had trouble getting the breast pump from my insurance and G just decided we would just buy one because I really needed to be able to pump ASAP for my own sanity.  We got it and I could finally have some me time and I felt much better!!

Along the way I have struggled with some depression and I am very certain that if G wouldn't have been home for the first month I would had some postpartum depression.  It was really great having the help.  I've had some really down times when I am sure Rayden hates me.  For example last week he was smiling for everyone but me and always seemed to cry near me and I just lost it on Saturday.  I bawled and was sure he hadn't bonded with me and just hated me.  Well Sunday and Monday he smiled for me so then I cried tears of joy.  Man these hormones really mess with ya!!   

Rayden is a big boy now.  Here is how his weight is going.

Born 7lb 11 ozs
5 days old 7lb 1 oz
2 weeks 8 lbs
5 weeks 11lbs
6 weeks 12lbs

He will be 2 months old in 2 days and is wearing 3 month clothes and some 3-6 month stuff.  He grew so fast and didn't get to wear all the clothes we were given.  Soon he will be too big for everything we got for presents and it will be time to go shopping. 

He went to the doctor at 6 weeks because he was sick =(  he still has a cold actually... been hanging on for 2 weeks now.  It just has him stuffed up and really only bothers him at night now.  He was tested for RSV and that was negative. 

G went back to work after 4 weeks and I went back after 6 weeks.  I was ready to be back to work.  I enjoy working.  I know G would rather be home with Rayden tho.  I wish I made enough to support us so she could but I work in social services so that's just not going to happen. 

I finally got Rayden's insurance figured out.  He wasn't able to be put on mine or G's insurance so I applied for CHIP.  Before he was born I researched it and was told after doing all the paperwork it would only take a few days to process.  So I did the paperwork right away and scanned and emailed it right to them figuring in few days he would have insurance.  Weeks passed and they kept telling me next week.  So frustrating and I was worried we wouldn't get accepted and he wouldn't have insurance.  Luckily we got accepted and he has insurance but we do have to pay full price for it.  That's ok its better then paying all his medical bills. 

Rayden is "talking" and playing with his toys some now.  It's so cute.  In the morning he's so happy and smiles and plays while we get ready for work.  My mom watches him while I am at work so that makes going to work easier. 

Question for other lesbian moms....what do you call each other??  We both call each other Mommy to and around Rayden but everyone keeps asking us what our different names will be??  I don't know.  G says wait till he decides but people then say he will go by what we call each other.  So I don't know what to do which is why I am asking you guys lol If it was up to me we would just wait and see but I am tired of the questions lol

Here are some of the professional pics we had done.  It was so hard to get these pictures.  I've heard you are suppose to do them in the first 10 days but our photographer couldn't do them that early.  He was 18 days old when they were done.  He was awake and very cranky.  I was very thankful that we did get a few good ones tho!! 




  1. So good to hear from you! He is adorable!!!!

  2. Absolutely awesome pictures! He's beautiful! Your family is beautiful!!

  3. He is an absolute cutie! As for the question...our daycare provider (also a lesbian mom) asked my wife this question this morning. We are waiting to see what she chooses for us and in the meantime alternate between mommy and mama for ourselves and each other.