Friday, February 20, 2015

28-30 weeks

So G passed her 1 hour glucose test!  Also her urine tests still look good so no more UTIs!  Her last appt I mentioned in the previous blog was just with the doc so she didn't find much out.  Her next appt after that was schedule for 2 weeks and was February 9th and she had an ultrasound that day.

That appt started out great.  She was one day shy of 30 weeks and the boys looked great.

Baby A:  3lb 1oz 46 percentile and 5.5cm fluid heart rate 143
Baby B:  3lbs 40 percentile and 4.9cm fluid heart rate 154

We were so happy Baby B caught up to his brother some and both their fluids looked good.  Also Baby A was head down and Baby B was transverse with his head close to being down.  So looking like we can try for vaginal delivery!  Then the ultrasound tech checked her cervix and there was the not so good was only 1.6 cms long now and it had been 3.2.

The doctor was concerned but not too worried yet.  We did decide to do the steroid shots just in case they were going to come early.  It was something I was going to ask about anyways but then didn't have to because he brought it up.  She got one that day and then the next.  He told G she could work still this week but to try to stay off her feet as much as possible and no lifting but she should tell her work this might be last week.

We left the appt a little worried but knew their odds of survival were good even that early.  Next appt was scheduled for 1 week and she was going to have a non-stress test too

After that appt she had an appt with the urologist.  We had to wait long time to see him but then it was a quick appt.  Everything looks good.  She still has blockage in right kidney but left is better which is pretty normal for pregnancy so he is hoping after their birth everything will fix itself and she won't need surgery.  Her next appt with him is Feb 25.

Here are some pics!!

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