Friday, February 20, 2015

31 weeks

February 16th was G's last appt.  We were worried going in because she had some cramping and braxton hicks over the weekend.  I had our bags all packed and in the car in case she was admitted.  Also R and our dogs were at my parents for the day or longer.  I figured better to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  I think this caused G to be more worried but I knew if she was admitted she would want her own things and would want me to be with her.  We are over an hour away from hospital so it wouldn't be easy to just run home to get her stuff.

Her ultrasound was first and the tech decided to just check her cervix first to know that right away.  It was 1.5 so basically it hadn't changed!! Yay!  So we were very happy about that.  The boys looked great!  They had about same fluid they had last week and were doing what the tech called "practice breathing"  Also both were head down!! We are so happy about that.  I know G really wants a vaginal delivery!  She didn't measure them because she said that should be done every 2 weeks so next week we will see how much they weigh.

Next she had the non stress test NST and everything looked great on that!  The doc was very happy with everything so far and thinks she should be able to try for a vaginal birth without meds like she wants.  I asked if he thought the other docs would let her in case he isn't the one on call and he thinks they would all be on board esp since they are both head down.  Next they talked about G working and they decided since there is stress in her work it was best to go out on disability so no more work for G.  She is happy to be home spending quality time with R before the twins come.

Here are some more pictures.  Next appt February 26th!

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  1. Getting close! hope these next few weeks fly by!