Friday, March 6, 2015

32 weeks

So G had her appt February 26th.  She was 32w2ds.  Everything went okay but there are some things to start watching.  Last time they measured the babies 2 and half weeks ago the babies measured almost even now Baby B is smaller again.  They aren't sure if the last time he was measured wrong and he is just still small or if something is wrong.  Well not really wrong just that maybe the placenta isn't helping him grow as much as it was.  So we have to go back weekly for ultrasounds to keep an eye on that.  Everything else was great.  They passed their Biophysical Profile with an 8 out of 8 and the NST looked good.  Both boys are still head down!!

Here are their stats

Baby A heart-rate 146 measured 32w4ds 4lbs4ozs 56 percentile

Baby B heart-rate 152 measured 30w5ds 3lbs 9ozs 25 percentile

G's belly measured 39 weeks for singleton pregnancy so she is getting "full term" looking and uncomfortable.  Her cervix measured 1.5 so still about the same.  We are thinking we are going to make it to our goal of 36 weeks!!  Doctor is talking about inducing her at 36 or 37 weeks.  He is not on call those weeks on the schedule so I am not sure what his plan will be tho.  Guess we wait and see!

Here are some pics.  Only got 1 pic of Baby A.

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