Monday, March 23, 2015

36 weeks

G went to this appt without me March 23rd and of course the babies acted cute!  The measurements are about the same as last week but puts them at lower percentiles.

Baby A 5lbs 7ozs 20 percentile

Baby B 4lbs 12ozs 10 percentile

So measurements can't be quite right since I'm pretty sure A didn't lose weight.  Seems like the placenta isn't working as well but doc still wants to wait till April 2 nd to induce.  I don't think she will make it.

She had some contractions show up on the NST and she's fully effaced, head is -1 and she's 1 cm dilated.  

G had another appt Friday March 27th but saw a different doc because ours is on vacation till Wednesday.  She didn't do much just looked at NST which looked good.  Basically acted like she didn't want to say anything because it would be different then our doc would say.  

Today is March 31st and still no babies looks like she will be induced April 2nd.  We have appt tomorrow to check on babies and make last minute decisions I will do my best to update ASAP! 


  1. So exciting! Can't wait for the big annoucement!

  2. Ahh so excited for you guys! Can't wait for the next post! x