Friday, March 13, 2015

R update

So I have been writing so much about the twins and this pregnancy and I haven't said much on how R is doing.  He is 18 months now.  He has been walking since about 10 months and has been saying "mom" and "cat" for about that long as well.  He has been able to tell us where his body parts are since about 12 months.  Well he points to them.  He has been eating table food since around 9 months now.  He finally got some molars in (2 on top and 2 on bottom) so he can eat almost anything now.  He has 9 teeth fully in (4 top front, 2 bottom front, and the 4 molars) and 1 tooth just poking out front bottom.

He seems to understand everything we say.  He can go get things we ask for.  He loves to help cook and clean.  Right now after dinner he goes to get his broom to sweep up the mess he made on the floor.  And when he wants to help cook he goes to get a stool.  He LOVES pancakes.  Esp blueberry ones.  My dad and him make them a lot.  R knows what to get out and does it himself to let his grandpa know that he wants them.  He goes to get the pancake mix and the bowl and pan to make them in.

He can shake his head for "no"  and makes a "eh" sound for yes.  He barks when he wants to get the dogs and makes a "spsp" sound to call the cats.

He has been giving hugs and kisses for at least 6 months now.  And in last month or so started touching pointer fingers to people which his Mommy G does for meaning "love"  It is something she always did with our niece and now does with R.

Yesterday he gave his baby doll his bottle.  And when we ask him where his baby is he touches his belly then points to Mommy G's belly. lol

Here are all of his measurements:

It goes Weight, Height, and Head I don't have Height and Head for all of them.

Birth:  7lbs 11ozs (47%), 21in (90%), 13.8in (35%)

1 month: 11lbs (68%), 22in (52%)

2 months:  14lbs (84%), 23.5in (55%), 17in (97%)

4 months:  16lbs (79%)

5 months:  17lbs 7ozs (79%), 2ft 3in (92%), 17.6in (92%)

6 months:  19lbs 3ozs (83%)

7 months: 19lbs 8ozs (71%), 2ft 4.5in (92%), 18in (88%)

8 months:  21lbs 2ozs (72%)

9 months:  21lbs 8ozs (66%), 2ft 5.5in (86%), 18.6in (93%)

12 months: 25lbs (76%), 2ft 8.5in (98%), 19in (91%)

15 months: 25lbs 12ozs (66%), 2ft 9.4in (96%), 19.3in (90%)

18 months:  28lbs 8ozs (81%), 2ft 10.3in (93%), 19.5 (90%)

At his 15 month appt his doctor seemed surprised he was only saying "mom" and "cat" but didn't say much about it but at his 18 month appt last week she did.  She is referring us to Early Intervention to get an evaluation done.  She thinks it's nothing to worry about but that if he does need help now is the time to do it.  And we agree and totally expected that to happen.  We weren't surprised at all.  During his doctor's visit tho he grabbed her stethoscope and tried to listen to his heart and throw it around his neck like she did.  She asked if he had one at home and we said "no" and she then said how impressed she was that he was doing that.  That was more of a 2 and a half year old behavior and she thinks he is just not wanting to talk yet because he is smart.  And we think that as well but will do the eval.  They called me yesterday and are coming to our house March 18th to talk to G and I and do paperwork.  Then they will set up his eval.  I just can't wait to get it over with!

He is still breastfeeding strong lol and I feel like he will never stop!  He does drink cow milk during the day if I am not around.  I am trying to only breastfeed him for naps and bedtime but I haven't been successful yet!  I am happy he never had any formula but wish I could get a break from breast feeding sometimes! lol Especially throughout the night.  He wakes up few times a night to breastfeed still.  He does normally sleep in his crib from 8-9 pm to 2 am so I get that time to rest but after that he's awake to breastfeed then sleeps in our bed rest of the night.  Should be interesting with the twins coming!!

Well that is all I can think of to update for now.  I will update on his eval and anything else I can think of soon!!  Short twin update coming next!!

Here is R feeding his Baby and wearing his goggles lol

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  1. 2 of our boys (The identicals)didn't want to talk, we did speech therapy with EI for about 6 months, our therapist was really unreliable & the boys showed no improvement so we ended up switching to therapy through the childrens hospital. The difference was immediate! All 3 went for close to a year. Our fraternal, who didn't qualify through EI graduated from speech therapy first which we expected. We moved just before the next was about to graduate & decided to just give it a break until school starts in the Fall. They all talk like crazy now, sing songs, argue, basically never shut up, lol I will agree that the lack of wanting to talk may be that they are just smart. Our 2 that didn't talk much at all, are very fast learners, although it was hard to tell when they wouldn't talk but they learned all their, letters, numbers, colors & shapes a lot faster than our chatty cathy & now they are picking up sight words & phonics really quickly. One was naming the sight words from the first video by the end of the video, I was so surprised!
    They were 3 before they really started coming out of their box, they are a bit shy too so they still clam up around strangers. I've heard great things about many others' experience with IE, I think I just got a bad therapist, or she was just overwhelmed by 3, who knows? Good luck with your eval! :)