Sunday, August 11, 2013

35 Week Ultrasound

Finally we got to see Baby Boy again.  Seems like it was years ago.  The appointment went well.  He is head down and has been for months actually.  Also my placenta is still out of the way so we are good to go for a vaginal delivery.  Which I feel good and bad about lol I know it's best for him to be born "naturally" but would be great to be able to just schedule when he's coming!!  We really can't wait for him to finally get here and are hoping he comes early.  Here are his pictures.  The 4d one actually didn't turn out too bad. 

4d pic of his face =)

Profile pic

His foot

They said everything during the Ultrasound looked good and that he weighs about 5lbs 10oz so that should put him around 8lbs on our due date.  That's bigger then I was thinking I wanted to push out but it could be worst!! lol The fluid is good as well.  So far I have gained about 32lbs.  I think my midwife told me she wanted me to gain 30-35 lbs so I think I might pass that but she hasn't said anything to me about it yet.  Gaining too much has never been a problem for me.  Actually before I got pregnant I couldn't gain weight even when I tried.  I was just telling G the other day that I am going to miss this appetite if it goes away.  Before pregnancy I didn't have a big appetite. 

We now start our weekly appointments.  Which is good because the end is near but more time I have to take off from work.  I don't get paid maternity leave so I have to use the time I have saved up and the more I use now the less I will have with Baby Boy.  With my midwife being an hour from our house and an hour and a half from work I have to take a full day off every time I have an appointment.   

We almost have everything ready for Baby Boy.  His room is pretty close to being done and all his clothes and blankets are washed.  I am working on getting a breast pump from my insurance company.  It hasn't been easy but when is working with an insurance company easy?  Now I need to call CHIP and see if we can get health insurance for Baby Boy too.  He can't go on mine and going on G's will cost a lot.  So I am hoping CHIP will work out but I need to call them!  We still have a few more things we need to buy as well that we didn't get at the baby shower.  But I am sure it will all come together in the end and if not we will make it work!!   

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  1. Can you believe we are getting so close to the finish line?! It feels like yesterday we were emailing back and forth about our IVF procedures! Congrats to you two again :)