Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birth Plan

Here is my Birth Plan.  I think it has everything I need/want in it. 

Amanda’s Birth Plan

*  Want my Wife, G, with me at all times

*  G’s Mom and my mom are welcome in room for labor and birth
          *  Other people as I feel comfortable are welcome during labor depending how I feel

*  Want to be up and moving as long as possible

Pain management
          *  Different positions
          *  Bathing or showering
          *  Massage
          *  Birthing ball
          *  Hot and cold packs
          *  Epidural when needed

*  Would like to go without IV as long as possible and be able to drink clear fluids instead

DO NOT want Pitocin to speed up labor.  Only want it if medically necessary.  Then still want to talk about it and be part of the decision before it’s given. 

Do not want episiotomy unless absolutely needed then I do not want to be told before it’s done. 

Want skin to skin contact as soon as possible with Baby Boy but not till after he is cleaned up.  Do not want him put on my bare skin right after birth. 

Want to breast feed as soon as Baby Boy wants to.

G wants to cut the cord

If C-Section is needed
          *  Want G present at all times.
          *  Baby to be given to G as soon as he’s dried and checked out
          *  To breastfeed as soon as Baby Boy is ready

*  All newborn procedures to take place in mine or my wife’s presence (except circumcision)

Would like Baby Boy to be with G or me as much as possible

Do not offer our baby these without discussing with us first
          *  Formula
          *  Sugar water
          *  Pacifier

*  We want him circumcised at the hospital

Since breast feeding would like Lactation consultant to come see us

*  Would like to stay at hospital as long as possible/necessary

Please let me know if you guys think I am missing anything!! 

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog--it's fun to see your journey, and especially to find you right before your baby boy makes his entrance! Congratulations! I have a recommendation for your packing list: bring music! It was sooo helpful to me to have a playlist of what I wanted to listen to in the hospital. Good luck with the birth!