Saturday, August 10, 2013


At our Baby Shower I announced that we would be getting married the next day which was a surprise to most people there since only immediate family knew.  So yes we decided to get married.  It is best for Baby Boy and G.  Since we are delivering in NY State, G will be on the birth certificate right from the start.  Also if something were to happen to me G will be able to make decisions and be able to take Baby Boy home.  I really hope that doesn't happen tho!! 

We were married July 22nd at City Hall in NY.  It was very small and very short! It really was perfect tho.  Not much planning or stress.  Here are some pictures.  I was 34 weeks at the time.



I did my best with the pictures.  We were suppose to have a photographer but she backed out the night before so we didn't have time to get another.  So I had to steal pics from other people and edit them myself.  In the one pic that is our boxer Konner!
It was a great day and I can now call G my wife!  Still trying to get used to it.  Our marriage doesn't mean a whole lot in PA but we are hoping someday soon it will!  We both kept our last names and still will be hyphenating Baby Boy's last name.  

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  1. Ummm I don't know how I missed this! Congrats mommas! This is awesome!