Sunday, October 7, 2012

3rd Try must be a Charm!....Wrong!

Ok so this brings us to IUI #3.  We took another month off to save up money.  Insurance paid some but not all and we didn't want to take out loans.  Plus emotionally I needed time to recover.  We started looking for a new donor to see if that would help.  We found a donor 6'1" brown eyes with auburn curly hair #4001 which we liked even more then the first.  I was sure this was going to be our time!  We did 100mg of clomid again and this time our timing was better only needed one U/S.  It was on June 28th, 2011.  Again I wish I could remember how many follicles but I know I had at least 4 that were good sized so the IUI was scheduled for June 30th.  I overnighted the sperm to the clinic. Again Ha to Mean Nurse I was able to get it there in plenty of time!! 

Every time we were sure we were pregnant but again after the tww and many BFN home pregnancy tests my period came again.  It was hard on us both.  We weren't sure what to do now and I was upset we hadn't changed methods or doctors sooner while I still had insurance coverage.  My friend went to a different doc Dr. R for her IUIs so I decided to call and make an appt with him.  I knew he cost a lot more and my family doc had referred us to Dr G so that is why we hadn't gone to him in the first place.  So now I was kicking myself for not going to him but it was too late we didn't have a time machine unfortunately!! 

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