Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Doctor New Start

So Dr. R's main office is about 2.5 hours away but he comes closer about an hour away once a month.  So we make the appt for 9/13/11.  I fought with Geisinger (where my previous doc was) to get all my records faxed to me to take with me.  Took awhile but was able to get them.  Wish I knew where I put them then I would of had more details about the follicles lol I hadn't thought of that till right now oops lol oh well...anyways I highlighted parts I wanted to point out and ask questions about to Dr. R.  It was probably close to 100 pages long.  One part even said I was in early menopause which no one had told me...luckily when I saw Dr. R he confirmed this wasn't true thank god!  But he discovered I do have PCOS and starts me on 1500mg of Metformin and birth control.  He also saw I have polyps and might have endometriosis.  No wonder I wasn't getting pregnant...this made me more mad we had wasted our 3 tries paid thru insurance. Too late now.  So I was scheduled for surgery December 2nd.  He also discusses our options IUI of course, IVM, and IVF.  We weren't ready to spend a lot of money at that time.  I believed once we have the surgery IUI will work. 

Surgery went well and I go off the birth control and was given femera this time.  I call the docs office to discuss how I have the sperm delivered.  He is able to store the sperm there and actually has a stock of donors there, but we want to send the one we had used last time.  On the phone, I find out it will cost an extra 300 dollars plus 50 dollars a month for storage just to have it there so we look into the donors he has and find one we like.  Our first ultrasound with him is done on Jan 21st.  We had to be in his local office at 7, but there was a bad snow storm and it took us forever to get there we luckily got there a few mins before the ultrasound tech had to leave and they were able to do it.  I had many good follicles again but my lining wasn't good.  That's a problem I had with all my IUIs so he gave me a script for Estrogen I believe.  It made me very sick and I wasn't able to keep any food down till I was able to stop taking it after the IUI.  Our 4th IUI was on Jan 23rd in his main office.  My friend drove me because G had just started a new job and wasn't able to take off.  It went well but 2 weeks later I got my period AGAIN!  This IUI cost us 1500 dollars plus meds so we were outta money and our relationship wasn't doing well after all these ups and downs.  I had some mood swings with all the meds and idk how to describe it but felt like a baby making machine I guess so this caused some problems in our relationship.  We took time off from trying to save some money and work on us.  It was a huge struggle and I wasn't sure we would make it, but we did and are ready to start trying again.

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