Monday, October 8, 2012

In the Present

So this finally brings us to the PRESENT!! Yay I did it!! lol I was able to get all the background done before the end of the weekend. We have an appt with Dr. Rose tomorrow to discuss our options. No more IUIs. We would like to do the Shared Egg Program he offers where I share my eggs with another couple/woman and it pays for most of my IVF. When I called about a month ago I wasn't able to get much information about it they just scheduled me for an appt with the doc to discuss it.  She did tell me they didn't have anyone waiting for eggs so that's not good news.  Hopefully something has changed since then.  I would really like to help someone else while saving us some money, but if we have to pay we will find a way.  We have a little savings, but not enough to pay for IVF and all the meds that go with it.  My insurance will not pay for injectables or IVF. 

G and I are having a 31 and Tupperware party tonight so I really need to get cleaning this house!!  I work a half day tomorrow then off to see a dietitian before seeing Dr. Rose.  I am under weight.... I always have been, but really want to weigh more.  I believe it might help with fertility as well so I talked to my doc about it and got an appt at 2 and we see Dr. Rose at 5.  Hopefully both appts go well!  I will let you know!

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