Friday, October 5, 2012

Try # 2

I guess I should start out by saying I am sorry it has taken me sooo long to write again.  I was trying to do it everyday and well that only worked for 3 days lol Now I have to hurry and try to give all the rest of the background ASAP so I can get to the present!!  I hope to do this by the end of the weekend....that is my challenge for myself!

So April 13th 2011 we have an appt with Dr. G to discuss our options from here.  I never thought we would be there discussing try #2 since of course we were gonna get pregnant on the first try....WRONG!  Seemed like everything went wrong on the first try which I had predicted and tried to prevent and I made sure Dr. G knew this!  Dr. G told me it would be fine to get the sperm delivered after we have our ultrasound to see how many follicles (ha take that Mean Nurse lol) but that if I was about to ovulate and it was a weekend I might not be able to get the sperm delivered in time and I might have to overnight it.  I was ok with both those things and had tried to tell Mean Nurse that as well!!  Overnighting it and paying for the two week tank (which I had to do the first time since we had no idea how soon we would be using the sperm) were about the same cost anyways.  So I was happy about this and actually Dr. G made sure to tell this to Mean Nurse right in front of me!! Again making me feel good! lol Also she said she was going to up my Clomid to 100mg or we could consider injectables and gave me the info about that.  I don't do well with needles as mentioned earlier so I wanted to wait on that.  I did look up the cost and it was going to be about 1500 dollars for just the meds.  So anyways we left that appt feeling much better and now feeling like the 2nd try was going to be the one!

This time we had an ultra sound on day 3 to make sure the cyst was gone and it was so I was able to start the clomid.  Mean Nurse does all the ultra sounds and scheduling them so after we were finished she went to schedule our day 11 U/S and made sure to remind us that we HAD to have to sperm delivered that day.  I reminded her what the doc had said she acted like she didn't remember but I just ignored her.  I remember clomid having a lot of side effects and being very moody.  I know this wasn't easy for G.  April 28th we go in for our 2nd ultra sound for this cycle.  I wish I had written down our follicle numbers and sizes because of course now I forget!! Booo!  Anyways I believe we had about 4 on each side that were ok in size but not big enough yet.  That was a Thursday so they had me come back on Monday for another ultra sound and my follicles then were REALLY big.  In the late 20s if I remember right and a few 16s.  I was concerned they were too big but the doc didn't seem concerned.   I ordered the sperm and was able to get it delivered Monday didn't even have to pay extra for shipping so it worked out (ha take that again Mean Nurse)  So we triggered that Monday when we got home.  I had my friend who was going to nursing school run over to our house to give me the shot because G refuses to do it again!  The next morning we had our 2nd IUI (May 3rd).  We used the same donor and I even got Fairfax to give us free shipping because I had missed a sale they were having by one day and I called and asked if I could still have it and they said yes!!  I always say "it can't hurt to call and ask...the worst they can say is no!"  I use that philosophy if I ever get a late fee too...sometimes I forget to pay a bill oops lol ...and I am pretty sure I have been successful every time at getting them to take the charges off.  I am CHEAP lol you can ask G... if I can save a buck I will take the time to do it.  She is the opposite and that drives me crazy sometimes lol

So I wish there was a happy ending to this blog but there isn't sadly.  My period came after the 2ww.  I didn't even bother going for the blood work.  FAIL # 2! 

To end on a better note I will post a pic of G and I.  This is from our last Vacation in Arizona!

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