Friday, October 12, 2012


Ok so I went and saw the Dietitian.  I am underweight...I knew that!!  I am 5'7" and weigh about 112.  I don't get enough calories in a day.  I like fruits and veggies not as much meat and cheese.  So a diet change is in order.  I know I am not going to like this.  I need to drink whole milk a lot more, drink carnation instant breakfast every morning, if I eat a salad I have to put eggs or meat on it plus eat bread, and I just have to eat a lot more cheese, meat, peanut butter, bread, and pasta.  I am trying my best, but not doing well yet.  Its hard to make a change and especially when I am trying to force it and anyone I told about it is forcing bites of food down my throat!  Ugh we will see how this goes!

I mentioned in my last blog I was hoping to do the shared egg program for IVF my doc offers well there isn't anyone wanting eggs so that's probably a no go.  He said he will keep us in mind if someone comes in needing eggs but I am not going to hold my breath.  I did find out if we were able to do that it would still cost us about 4000-6000 dollars depending on the other person's insurance coverage. 

So now what do we do??  Well I asked him what he suggested now and he mentioned injectable IUIs and I told him we wanted to be more aggressive.  So he thinks we should do IVM.  Most people probably don't know what it is and haven't even heard of it.  It's not done much and Dr. R is one of the few docs in the US who do it I think.  If you go to you can find more information about it.  I am hoping someone out there will do a search and find this blog who has done IVM and give me some info because I don't know anyone who has done it and would like to.  It is going to cost us around 8000-9000 but IVF at my doc is 18000-20000.  So its cheap in comparison I guess.  There are many positives with IVM for me one is that its less meds so less shots whoo hoo!! lol Also Dr R gets better results with IVM then IVF so it ups our odds too.  So I started birth control and I go off that Nov 18th I think.  I had already been taking the Metformin, prenatals, vit D and fish oil but now I have to take Co Q 10 also.  None of it is cheap but the Co Q 10 was over 20 dollars for a month supply I was kinda shocked. 

So next month I have to get a biopsy of my uterus which is suppose to help with implanting.  My lining has always been thin so we are going to try anything to help with implanting! If anyone has any other suggestions to help with lining please let me know!! I also have to do a mock transfer.  I am thinking about doing these both at same time to save on travel and pain.  When I had my SIS (Saline Infusion Sonohysterography) done he couldn't get into my uterus so he had to put a painful clamp thing on my cervix.  He said he would do them both at same time, but that its making a short painful process a lot longer.  So I need to think about it. 

I am VERY nervous about spending that kind of money.  I might have been freaking out for a few days and G has had to calm me down.  lol If it works then its all worth it, but if it doesn't it will be very hard.  IVM should be in Dec so my friends and family won't be getting much for Christmas this year! lol

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