Friday, December 14, 2012


I am feeling better, but I am getting a lot bigger!  Most of the pain in my belly went away, but now it just keeps getting bigger.  So I guess I am very bloated.  It is only uncomfortable when my pants don't fit...which would be my work pants!!  We think I have been looking about 3-4 months pregnant the past two days.  I haven't had a huge weight gain maybe 1 or 2 lbs. 

I still have a terrible time sleeping at night.  I sleep fine till about 12-2AM then my lower back hurts so bad I toss and turn.  If I basically sit all the way up...up on like 3-4 pillows with my knees to my chest I can get back to sleep for a short time.  Then about 4 I am wide awake waiting for G's alarm to go off.  Before this week I never got up with her, but since transfer I have been up every day with her.  I am also starving so then I eat my first breakfast....I don't know if that's abnormal because I am normally not up that early so maybe I just get hungry because I am awake.

So are these pregnancy symptoms, OHSS symptoms, both, all in my head, or from my meds????.....your guess is as good as mine!! 

I would love to POAS but G said I can't till Tuesday.  I am not really stressed about it so it is probably best if I don't because then I am sure I will start stressing one way or the other!!  If its a BFN I will worry it will never be a BFP and if its a BFP I will worry it won't stay that way.  In the tww you just can't win!!  So for now I am still pregnant with twins till proven otherwise!!


  1. My back has been so sore too. But I'm two days behind you since I had a 3dt. When is your blood test?

  2. Yay! for being PUPO. The 1ww is the hardest. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I only had a mild OHSS with my IVF, but after I started to feel better I had the same 'growing' symptoms from around the 1ww. I blamed that to progesterone, it got me super bloated. All got better after a week or two. I hope you will soon feel more comfortable!
    I keep my fingers crossed for Tuesday:)

    1. you were pregnant right when you got the "growing" symptoms?? Ive been on crinone progesterone before and I never got this big!