Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs

So I went to my monitoring appt Monday (Day 10).  I was soooo nervous, but of course for nothing!!  That is me the worry wart!!  They told me that my progesterone level was not high and that they are not canceling my cycle.  She told me the same thing G told me "stop looking online!" lol I had about 20 follicles.  I triggered that night with HCG and had my retrieval today!  The HCG shot was the worst of all the shots.  G got really good at giving them but that one hurt and actually still hurts.  Hope I am done with the shots!!

G and I had to get up at 4 AM to get there by 7:30.  G is NOT a morning person at all.  When we got there I was soo happy to see that my favorite nurse would be in there with me.  That calmed my nerves so much!  And she was so lucky I like her so much because she took two tries to get my IV in and that is they thing that bothers me the most.  I HATE IVs. If she would have been any other nurse I am sure I would have had a few choice words for her.... I had a different doc then I normally do, but I loved him to.  Their are two doctors at the place I go to.  He told us to come up with a number of eggs we thought he would get and he would bet that he could beat it.  We guessed 21.  Well we were sooo wrong!  When the anesthesiologist came in to prep me and the nurse was going to prep me I started to complain I he said it was time to go to sleep and put stuff in my IV. lol That was the last thing I remember.  G told me after I woke up that when the nurse started prepping me I sat up and said "I didn't know you were down there" then layed back down and when I started to wake up I told G "I was texting people while I was sleeping" lol I guess I talked to the doctor too before he left, but I don't remember any of that.  I woke up in some pain, but the nurse gave me 3 doses of then I felt much better!!

So G told me they had filled all the tubes they had in the room with the fluid from my follicles and that they were in the lab counting them.  They said it would be 10 mins.....Well an hour later they come back and tell us 36....YES I said 36!!  We were shocked!  I asked the doctor if this might affect the quality of the eggs and he said he doesn't know, but he had a donor that donated 69 eggs and of those 3 people got pregnant so that made me feel better. 

Of course they talked to me about OHSS and told me to drink lots of water.  The doc also gave me some meds to help prevent it.  I feel great right now so I hope that means it won't happen!!  Also I wanna go back to work tomorrow!  I've taken enough time off already and have more to take off.

The doctors office will call tomorrow with the number that's fertilized.  We can't wait to hear how our babies are doing!!  And we can't wait for Dec 19th when we find out we are pregnant!!  See I am thinking positive!! =)


  1. Holy moley!!! What an awesome number. I am so so happy for you!! Can't wait to hear the fertilization report!!

    1. Me either!! I should get the call this morning!! I am still feeling pretty good just alittle sore but no bloating or sickness. I told G there is no way I am getting OHSS she asked why and I said Bc I said so! lol I have better things to do then be sick!!

  2. Wowzers! That is a crazy awesome number! Congrats!