Thursday, December 20, 2012


So I think I forgot to mention that the doctor did not want me to go back to work for awhile.  I am stuck at home!!  Since I only feel good in a reclining position its nice to be home, but its boring!!  G just started working 13 hour shifts so it seems even longer.  Yesterday I spent most of the day on the couch.  I got up to shower and go to the grocery store both of which tired me out a lot.  Having about 5 lbs of fluid in your belly doesn't make things fun.  It pushes on everything and it hurts!!

I can do my blood work today or tomorrow so I think I will try to go first thing tomorrow morning.  I still don't really feel like doing much.  OHSS is NOT fun!!  Plus my doctors office closes at noon today so by the time the lab sends them the results I am sure I wouldn't hear till tomorrow anyways. 

My new shots are going ok, but hurt and are bruising my belly.  They are blood thinners.  I guess my estrogen level is 5000 so that means possible blood clots.  I guess it is good for many reasons I went to the doctor on Tuesday.  They didn't drain me like I had hoped, but I got my great news a day early and got the blood thinners so that I don't get clots.  I am pretty sure blood clots would be bad!!

So now I wait for the next HCG level tomorrow.  I hope its still going up.  I am a little concerned because the past two mornings I was puking, but I didn't today.  I REALLY hope that doesn't mean my levels are going down!  I hope it means it was the OHSS making me sick!

Well if you need me you will be able to find me on my couch for awhile!  I am not sure when I can go back to work.  My note says "until further notice"

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