Thursday, December 27, 2012

So far so good

Well I got some catching up to do!!  I am sorry!  I did go for blood work and my HCG was 178 on 10dp5dt so it doubled in 48 hours!!  No more blood work since then so I am hoping it is still going up.  I still haven't broke down and POAS again.  After I got the BFN the morning of my blood test I fear seeing another one, but I want to finally see a BFP on a HPT so I am torn.  I would like to have a picture of one for a scrap book of all the fertility stuff, but what if I am someone it doesn't show up in urine or something and I get another BFN and I panic that I am miscarrying?  This stuff still messes with your head even after you find out your pregnant!!! 

Anyways I am feeling sooo much better.  The fluid goes down every day.  I only have a small bump now which does get people asking if I am pregnant.  "Well yes but this is not baby yet its fluid" lol Here is a picture of G and I on Christmas and you can see my bump!  I'm in green!

Today I am 5w1d.  I feel like all I do is eat.  I am starving about every two hours, so I have definitely been eating a lot.  That is so unlike me.  Normally if I eat three times a day that was a lot.  I never had a big appetite and was forcing myself to eat while doing the stims trying to get those eggs good and healthy.  Well now there is no forcing.  I want food all the time.  I think if I could eat every minute I would! lol
The lovenox (blood thinner) shots are going well.  I think they are what has been helping with the fluid.  I started feeling better after starting the shots.  G is still good at giving them to me!!  I couldn't do it myself for sure.  I was concerned they would hurt the baby/babies, but I looked it up online and it looks like some people take it to prevent miscarriage and it seems safe so I hope it is!!  Anyone else had to do these shots?
I went back to work yesterday..... I had been off more then a week.  It was a good day to go back because of the snow I only had to work a half day and my office is closed today so I am starting off going back to work slow. We got about 8 inches of snow here in PA where we live.   I want these babies or baby to stay in there so I am trying my best to just relax as much as I can.  I will work tomorrow and Saturday then have off another 3 days.
New Years Eve we have an ultra sound scheduled.  I am assuming we will be able to see if there is 1 or 2 babies right?  G is hoping for two....I would really be happy with just 1.  Two scares me!! But I would be happy no matter what!  I can't wait!!  It can't come soon enough!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! 

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