Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I have continued to grow and not taller!!  My belly is huge and my belly button is now swollen shut!!  Yesterday was the worst!  I was so uncomfortable and felt sick.  I have been having very bad heart burn that only goes away if I eat something.  It even wakes me up in the middle of the night. 

I did not make it through work yesterday I had to leave early.  I was so uncomfortable.  I couldn't wait to come home and put my feet up.  I have to sit in a reclining position to feel better.  G and I decided last night that I needed to go to the doctor.  The fluid was everywhere in my abdomen and I was having pain in my chest and shortness of breath.  Also we had decided to POAS in the AM. 

Well I had to get up to use the bathroom at midnight because my belly hurt bad so when I woke up at 4 and tried to POAS I couldn't get much out and it read "not pregnant"  I tried to tell myself it was because I hadn't peed enough, but deep down I thought for sure I wasn't pregnant.  I was just putting on a brave face for G.  I didn't want her upset for work.  Right before she left for work I started puking...ugh!!  She held my hair and got me a cool wash cloth, but she still had to leave for work...I was upset and called my mom to go with me to the doctor because if G couldn't make me feel better then of course my mom could right??  lol

The doctor found I have huge ovaries and fluid in my abdomen.  Which I knew...duh!!  Anyways he wasn't able to drain it because the fluid was everywhere, but not in big pockets anywhere so he wouldn't have been able to get enough to make a difference I guess....ugh I was really hoping for some relief!!  It is very painful.

They also talked to me about another shot in my belly!! ugh I thought they were over!!  Depending on my blood work (yes they did a beta too) I might need blood thinner shots.  They claimed it was unlikely, but gave me a script just in case.  They would call me in a few hours with all my results and let me know!!  More waiting.....

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