Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bleeding again

Here we go again.  Except this time I'm even more worried.  I've been spotting brown for days but figured it was from stopping the crinone on Wednesday.  But now I am bleeding and its red.  I am blaming myself for this because it happened last night after I fell on ice.  I really hope I didn't hurt the baby.  And of course it's the weekend and I don't know what to do.  I am not cramping so I don't know if I'm bad enough for the ER.  Ugh I just wish it would stop!  Maybe it's all because I stopped the crinone but then do I start it again or just wait for it to stop once my body gets used to not having it.  I'm so worried I will do the wrong thing!  Help!


  1. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this again. I would suggest going in to the ER and getting checked out. My doctor always said to either go in or call if there is bleeding. I am sending many thoughts!! I hope that everything is okay and you don't have these bleeding scares anymore!!!

  2. I would call the after hours number and ask what to do. Just use your judgment though. If going to the er is what will make ou feel better I would go to the er. I had bleeding as well twice. It was from a subchorionic hemorrhage. I'm almost 15 weeks now. Hope everything is ok, keep us updated.

  3. I would suggest contacting the doctor's after hours line. If they have one. I always felt bad calling, but they always reassured me that I was not the only first time mom who called about every little thing. And, if it makes you feel better, go to the ER. Stressing isn't great for the baby either :)