Monday, November 12, 2012


Sorry that I didn't update sooner, but there as been a lot of confusion about starting my IVF process so I didn't want to post till I got all that cleared up!  Wednesday was my phone consult with my new doctor.  I LOVE him.  He was so nice and enthusiastic, but did talk way to fast so I didn't catch everything which might have led to some of the confusion. lol  After talking to him he had his financial department call me who I guess set everything up.  Well 2 woman from that department called me and gave me different stories and both said they would talk to the doc and get back to me, but didn't so since my new doc had given me his cell number I texted him to asking him to call me to explain.  Yes my doc gave me his cell number I couldn't believe it!!  And he called me that night at 8:30 and cleared everything up for me.  If you can believe this I still haven't even given them a dime yet and they are doing all this planning for me.  I am very impressed.

Anyways I go for another HSG and I am assuming bloodwork as well on Friday.  Then the doctor is going to discuss with me when I start the Lupron.  And from what I understand if everything looks ok I will start it right away.  Then in a bit stop taking my BCPs so that I get my period and can get a baseline U/S.  I then think I start Gonal F.  I am hoping after Friday more will be explained.

His office also gave me information to apply for free injectables which I did and they are telling me I should qualify!  That would be great and I hope to know in a few days.  I guess I would get 3000 units of Gonal F and 1 ovidrel.  If anyone wants the information to apply just comment or email me and I will get you the information.

Today my old docs office called (I guess my new doc requested my records) and told me I would have to pay them 50 dollars before they would send my records.  I was upset, but in the end paid them because my new doc wants the information about my surgeries.  I told them I would only pay if they sent my doc a copy in the mail and faxed me a copy.  That way I will always have my own copy so I won't have to pay them the 50 dollars again.  My family doc has actually been wanting to see my records because she doesn't believe I have PCOS because I am not over weight.

So I am hopeful this will all go smoothly and I will know if we are pregnant before Christmas!  What a great present that would be!!

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  1. This is so exciting!! I can't wait to cheer you on for this cycle!!!!