Friday, November 30, 2012


Well today will be Day 7 of stims.  Day 1-5 was 300 units of Gonal F and yesterday it was upped to 375.  First monitoring appt was Tuesday.  I waited a long time to be seen and got a nurse practitioner who wasn't very friendly so all I found out was that I had a bunch of follicles and she told me to keep my meds the same.  When I got home I checked online and my Estradiol level was 209, LH 1.27, and progesterone .4 also she measured 5 follicles all around 8mms.  I emailed the nurse I like and she told me everything looked good so I felt better. 

Yesterday I went for another monitoring appt.  I am sick of the 2 hour drive already and going up there every other day!!  So I requested the nurse I like this time.  She measured 7 follicles on the left and 4 on the right that were between 10-12 mms.  My Estradiol level was 495, LH 1.44 and Progesterone .5 which is about where she told me I should be.  She did up my Gonal F tho.  She told me I should be triggering on Monday and retrieval Wed and Transfer Saturday or Monday.

So I figured out how many meds I have left and I will have enough to get me thru Sunday.  If I don't trigger Monday and need to still stim I will probably only have 200 to 300 units which might not be enough.  This concerns me a lot.  It didn't seem to have the nurse worried though.  I called freedom fertility and they can send me meds if they get the script by tomorrow morning. 

I have monitoring again tomorrow so I have my fingers crossed that they just lower my dose so I have enough.  I just REALLY don't want to buy more and definitely if we don't really need it.  I hate to waste money!! So hopefully my nurse can have a good idea if its going to be needed Monday or not so I know if to order it tomorrow. 

I am trying hard to stay calm but it is not easy for me!!

So I almost forgot the best part of my appt yesterday.  She told me my lining was 7...Yes 7!!  I am in total shock...the thickest my lining ever got was 6 for my IUIs and this time its already 7!!  I hope it continues to get nice and thick!!

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  1. Yay for a thicker lining! I hope it gets even more plump and ready for your embabies :)