Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Luck

This week has been pretty lucky for us.  First thing was Monday being told we would most likely qualify for the free meds.  Then Tuesday was Bingo day!  We really do it because we enjoy it, its something we can do together, and we find it relaxing, but who doesn't like winning as well?!  Well I won first winning 50 dollars....which is the most I've ever won there.  Then they did door prizes and I won a its a 19lb turkey which I have NO idea what to do with!! lol I can barely cook and can definitely not cook a turkey, but I won it so I am happy!! Luckily my mom will probably cook it for us! =)  Georgia won 20 dollars in one game then she won the last game and it was for about 250 dollars!  It wasn't the 2000 dollar game I REALLY wanted to win, but we would take it!!

Wednesday I called my new docs office financial department (they were suppose to call me actually but never did)  They made excuses saying they thought the other girl called me. Oh well doesn't matter now.  They ordered my Lupron and told me it would be 150 but when Apothecary by Design called me to get my credit card and shipping info they told me it would only be 99!  So more good news.

Thursday I got a call and was told we did qualify for free meds so we were going to be getting 3500 worth of free meds!!! YAY!!

So this brings us to yesterday..... we went to the new Doc's (Dr. K) office for the first time.  We LOVED it!!  And we finally got to meet Dr. K.  I had talked to him on the phone but G hadn't even gotten to do that.  He is even better in person.  Dr. K did my HSG which surprised me.  I was sure he had staff to do testing etc, but I was wrong.  Him and his nurse were so great and understand with my anxiety problems and this HSG went much smoother then my last one!!  Everything looked good Dr. K said!!  Yay more good news!!  G of course couldn't be in there with me so she was concerned she wouldn't get to meet Dr. K.  But when we were in another room waiting for blood work and to be shown how to do the Lupron shots he popped in and met G and this gave me a chance to find out when to stop the awful BCPs.  He told me to start 10ccs of the Lupron daily that day then to take my last BCP Tuesday and come in for baseline Friday!  G really liked Dr K too!  So they took a TON of blood from me.  I guess they are doing genetic testing???  Idk I've never had that done before.  Then the nurse was about to show us how to do the Lupron shots.  I had asked to be shown because G had said since my first shot incident that she would NEVER give me one again.  The nurse convinced her to try to do them again.  Telling her I won't pass out this time.  I think G seeing her do it and me not pass out helped a ton with her decision.  I am just so grateful she has agreed to do them.  I really wasn't sure if I could do them and didn't want to drive somewhere every night to have someone else do it.  So Yay more good news!!  We got a tour of the facility....its very nice.  We feel really good about all this.  I have since the day I decided to switch to this doc.  I really hope everything keeps going so smoothly and we will be pregnant before Christmas!!

I am also thinking about doing acupuncture.  What are your thoughts??  My fertility center has a wellness spa connected that does it.  It isn't cheap but I am thinking since I had thin lining troubles in the past a few sessions before might be a good idea.  I get one free session the day of transfer I guess.  So I am thinking I would pay for 2 or 3 sessions before and then use my free one.  I have to call and ask them about that. 

We are just so excited things are moving so quickly!! 


  1. I did acupuncture with our first IVF and am doing it again with our second. I really feel it relaxes your body. Only thing is its not cheap :( Im so happy we are cycle buddies!! Do you know when your estimated retrieval will be?

    So exciting! Praying for us!!!

    1. Yea its 70 dollars at my doc office but I think I will do a few sessions and use my free one...speaking of that I need to call them and set up a consult for that!! lol No I havent been given a day...they say it could be a week to 2 weeks after i start stims...we are hoping to start stims Friday.