Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ok so I need to vent a little.  It is somewhat off topic, but I need to do it.  G's sister M is basically worthless. She has 4 kids.  The kids are N, T, E, D.  E lives with his father because D's father abused him.  D's father is in jail for doing that.  Also M went to jail for allowing the abuse to happen.  Ok so that is some background hope you were able to follow all that!

Well if you can't tell she is SELFISH.  And I won't go into every example of that or I would be writing for days.  I will just talk about what I am upset about right now.  She has multiple criminal charges with fines of course.  She over drafts her account every week and pays huge over draft fees, she is a smoker so buys cigs every day, and she has a terrible driving record so pays 400 a month for insurance plus 300 for a car payment.  BUT (and here is why I am mad) she has NO money for her kids.  She didn't get them Halloween costumes and wasn't even going to take them trick-or-treating last night because (another reason I am mad) she let her boyfriend take her car to work.  So G to the rescue.  I would of told her you should have bought your kids stuff and you shouldn't have let your boyfriend come before them.  I would have taken her to get her car so that she could take her own kids trick-or-treating, but not what G did.   M knows her family will bail her out.  They always do.  And they shouldn't because her kids suffer long term.

So why does this upset me so much?  I am sure you guys know.  Its because M was able to pop out 4 kids no problem and doesn't take care of them and here we are struggling.  We would do anything to get pregnant and would do everything for our child/children but she doesn't do anything for hers.  Those kids have to take care of themselves or other people have to. M never does anything for them, but will do anything for herself or her boyfriend.  Actually I think she takes better care of his kids then she does her own.  Physically makes me so sick.  It is disgusting.

So sorry for my rant.  I just needed to get it off my chest.

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