Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preparing for Tomorrow

So tomorrow is a big day for us.  Well at least it feels this way for me.  I think it is going to be the start of the end of this infertility journey.  Tomorrow is our phone consult with our new doc and I am hoping to start IVF ASAP. The new clinic just feels right and so far I really like them.  The woman that emailed me the paperwork I needed before our phone consult was very nice and emailed me back right away with any questions I had.  I have NEVER had that with a doc before.  Usually its days and many phone calls/emails before I hear back. 

Right now I am trying to get everything ready for the consult.  I want everything written down so I don't forget to ask or tell him something...even tho I know I will forget something I always do!! lol Does anyone have any suggestions??

I hope the doc wants to start ASAP for two reasons.  1. of course we just want to get started already!! and 2. because I want to stop taking these dumb BCPs.  Poor G I rip her head off about every other day.  I don't know how straight people take these all the time.  I hate them!!

I really need to pick a new sperm donor as well.  During our IUI attempts we used 3 different donors and every time I put lots of work into finding the perfect one.  This time I am just not as excited about it.  I have already decided we are going to use cryogenic laboratories as long as our new doc says that's ok.  So one decision down.  Now I just have to go through all their donors and narrow it down.  Then I have to decide how many vials to order.  We only need 1 for the IVF from what I have been told about our new clinic, but should I buy extras for when G does IVF??  I only want to carry once I told G (who wants lots of kids) if she wants more then she has to carry the rest!  She does want to carry and she wants them to be biologically hers so we wouldn't use any embryos I might have left over after my IVF unless for some reason hers aren't good.  G has never been tested or gone through any of these fertility things (lucky her).  She is a supervisor with crazy work hours so we just thought it was best for me to try first.  I know I am acting like this IVF try will work the first time.  I just feel like it will and I believe being positive about this is a good thing!!  I sometimes have trouble being positive!!  So if you have any thoughts or suggestions about how many vials I should store please let me know!...I guess I should put that on my list to ask the doc!!

I am pretty excited about tomorrow.  The appt is at 7 am.  I probably won't be able to sleep tonight, but luckily it's first thing in the morning so I won't have to wait all day tomorrow.  Also another thing I am excited about is it is Tuesday.  That means Bingo day lol....Yes G and I act older then we are.  We usually go to Bingo on Tuesday evenings.  We enjoy it and tonight we could win 2000 dollars so that would be a huge help with paying for IVF.  So keep your fingers crossed for us!! 

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