Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Well we have a few decisions to make very soon.  I over think everything so it makes this very tough.  First we need to decide on a sperm donor. We are buying from Cryogentic Laboratory (CLI) and we have it down to 2.  4510 and 4207.  G picked 4510 so that is probably the one we will go with.  I was going to order today when we got home, but they closed at 3 today!! Grrr....The plus is they just posted a thanksgiving special that is 100 dollars off, but you have to order online because they are closed till Monday.  Well 4510 is actually a featured donor for November so it gets half price shipping, but when I place the order online it doesn't come up half price so I am not sure what to do.  If I wait till  Monday when I can talk to a real person the special won't be still running.  I am going to try to order tomorrow and hope it works correctly.  If it doesn't idk what I will do. 

The other decision we have to make is to buy 1 or 2 IVFs.  If we buy 1 its 5000 dollars plus 750 monitoring.  If we buy two its 7500 dollars plus 750 for each monitoring.  Each IVF comes with an FET but need to pay 750 monitoring for each FET as well.  If we deliver a baby after the first IVF or an FET then we lose the 2nd IVF.  If we need to use the 2nd IVF then we need to do it within a year of paying for them.  I really don't want to buy 2 because of the cost, but want to because then maybe I will be more calm thinking we always have a backup.  Also they told me that G could use the 2nd IVF if the first doesn't work with me and we decide to use her body instead.  The one question I have for my clinic is do you have to use all frozen embryos before using the 2nd IVF?  I saw that somewhere online and that could get costly if we have a bunch of eggs which wouldn't save us money then if we have to do more then the FET I get with the IVF.  So I emailed them that question along with others..... they answered all the other questions, but not that one so I emailed them again with it.  I am sure I wont hear back till Friday tho. 

So besides these 2 things that have been driving me crazy everything has been great.  G and I have been off for the last 2 days and actually we both have off till Saturday when I have to go back to work.  Its been wonderful to spend time with her and we actually haven't fought at all!!  I think it's because things are relaxed and we are getting time for just us!!  I really needed this.  The stress of TTC gets to me.  We went Christmas shopping yesterday and got our hair cut today!  The nicest thing tho is getting to sleep in!!  I am loving that!!

Oh the Lupron shots are going well.  G is very good at giving them...I really don't even feel them.  I am hoping we find out on Friday (our baseline) that we don't have to start monitoring till Tuesday because if we have to start Monday then I have to call off work since it's a Holiday weekend so I won't be able to request off.  One nurse told me I would have to come back Monday OR Tuesday, but another nurse told me I HAVE to come back Monday.  So I am not sure which one is right.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday. 

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I know how you feel over thinking everything. First where do you live?! I love those IVF prices!!! We paid 15,000 for our first and this next cycle is going to be about 19,000! Second, from my point of view I think the best thing we did with this second cycle was buy the two package plan. I already know it will help me feel calm if the first one works out all we have to worry about is meds.

    Glad the Lupron shots are going well! I have had zero side effects from them.


    1. I will email you where we live!! With your 2 package plan do you get the 2nd even if the first works??

  2. Thank you for following my blog! I love new followers and reading new blogs. I need to catch up on your story, too. Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. That makes me feel much better about using the BCP for 33 days.

    Those are such awesome IVF prices! I would like to know where your clinic is too! We paid $9200 for our first IVF and will be paying that again in another month or so. Our clinic doesn't offer a 2 IVF deal but I so wish they did because it would have calmed my nerves so much to know that we had another try waiting for us. I don't know if you have ever heard this, but I found a statistic that said most couples are not successful with their first IVF but 75% who will be successful find success within 3 cycles. So I guess they say to plan on trying 3 times before you should be concerned and move onto something else. We were not told that during our first IVF and went in thinking IVF always works...boy were we surprised ha! I wish we would have went in thinking 3 IVF cycles because we would have been more prepared emotionally and financially.

    Anyway, I guess if I could do it over or would have even had the option, I'd totally go for a discounted 2 cycle deal rather than a one by one basis. If you get pregnant the first time, you will be so ecstatic you won't even remember the money you lost. And if you don't get pregnant, you will be very happy you have a back up.

    Good luck with your decision and your overall cycle! I will be following along and cheering you on all the way!

    1. We could have gotten 3 IVFs for 9000 but didnt have enough money for that and I REALLY hope we dont need 3 IVFs and 3 FETs. We did buy 2 yesterday tho.